Tanweir for translation services

Who are we?

Tanweir for Translation and Public Services is a Palestinian company registered under the Ministry of National Economy (license number “562311910”). Its headquartered is in Hawara – Nablus. We are the leading provider of language, translation, and writing services in Palestine. We provide distinguished, high-quality services that meet the needs of different sectors. Tanweir provides written translation services such as certified, legal, religious, book, novel, and research translation in addition to our distinctive video translation services.


Quality standards

Tanweir for Translation Services adheres to the international quality standards ISO 17100/2015 for translation companies. Each translation project passes through several stages that ensure the perfect quality of the translated text, starting with reading and understanding the text, then translating it professionally, then proofreading and reviewing it, then editing it if necessary, then checking its quality before it is finally delivered to the customer.


Confidentiality and privacy

Tanweir for Translation Services is committed to the highest standards of security and privacy in order to maintain the confidentiality of our customers’ texts and information. All our staff members are obligated to sign the privacy and confidentiality agreement.


Our team

Tanweir’s tram includes a distinguished group of linguists and translators who have higher degrees in translation studies, and who have practical experience that qualifies them to assume work responsibilities.



Tanweir for Translation Services provides translation services in most ​​of the world’s languages.  ​​Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Turkish and Spanish are the most languages we work on. But we provide services in various languages. You can contact us directly to inquire about any language you need translation from or to.


ISO 17100/2015


Tanweir for Translation Services is committed to the Standards of ISO 17100/2015 of Translation Services.


That means each translation project will go through various processes:

A- pre-production tasks

  • obtaining and setting up the terminological database, style-guides, and any other resources which might be available.
  • analyzing & preparing the content for the translation process.
  • collection and preparation of reference materials in order to improve qualitative compliance with the project specifications.

B- project management

  • identifying the key requirements and translation project specifications during the pre-processing.
  • supervising and monitoring the translation project preparation project;
  • assigning competent translators to the translation project;
  • assigning competent revisers;
  • issuing instructions related to the assignment;
  • monitoring to ensure compliance with agreed-upon schedule and deadlines;
  • monitoring constant conformity to the client- Translation Service Provider (TSP) agreement
  • ensuring translation and other queries are answered.

C- translation

Translators comply with:

  • domain and client terminology and/or reference material, and terminological coherence throughout the translation;
  •  the semantic accuracy of target language content;
  • target language syntax, spelling, punctuation and any other orthographic conventions;
  • lexical cohesion and phraseology;
  • TSP or client style guide, including domain, register and linguistic variants;
  • local conventions and applicable standards;
  • format; and
  • end-users and purpose of target language content.

C.1  We choose the translators who have:

a) Translation competence

b) Linguistic and textual competence

c) Competence in research, information acquisition, and processing

d) Cultural competence

e) Technical competence

f) Domain competence

C.2 Our translators meet at least one of the following criteria:

1) first-level degree in translation or linguistic studies that include translation;
b) any other first-level degree plus two years of full-time professional experience in translation;
c) five years of full-time professional experience in translation.

D- Checking the translation. (by the same translator)

E- Revision: TSP ensures that the target language content is revised by a person other than the translator, who must check it against the source language content to correct errors and other issues.

F- Review: If the review is included in the project specifications, TSP would ensure that the target language content is reviewed to assess its compliance with the agreed purpose and domain.

G- Proofreading: If proofreading is included in the agreement and the project specifications, TSP would ensure that service and correct any issues.

H- Final verification and release: the project manager would perform a final verification of the project against specifications before delivery.

I- post-production:  archiving the project’s details and disposal of the confidential information.