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Souvenir Shops in Qatar: Your Guide to Unique Gifts to Take Home

Good memories are gifts that will forever be folded in our minds. A lot of these memories can take place in foreign places while traveling for a vacation or for other reasons. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how small or big, every traveler needs a little something to take home with them after their vacation to remind them of the good memories or to help them share their experience with their loved ones,

In a country like Qatar, souvenirs could be found anywhere, but the best souvenirs to buy are the ones that represent the culture and traditions, which only can be found in particular souvenir shops in Qatar. Those Qatari souvenir shops collect different kinds of traditional gifts such as coffee, dates, clothing, jewelry, paintings, Qatari flags, and many more to guarantee that the traveler has plenty of souvenirs to choose from. In this article, we will present some of the best Souvenir Shops in Qatar, as well as a list of items that can be purchased as Souvenirs in Qatar.

5 Souvenirs that are Worth Buying in Souvenir Shops in Qatar!

Finding a unique gift in Qatar may seem tricky at first but it is easier than you think. At first, you may need to decide what category of souvenir you are looking for, A lot of the souvenirs you can buy in Qatar are genuine Arabian products. Below is a list of the top souvenirs you can purchase in souvenir shops and stores in Qatar.


  • Perfumes and Colognes in Qatar’s Souvenir Shops

The Arabian perfume industry is very old and dates back to the 17th century. You can find a wide array of fragrances in Qatar with different shapes and scents in different souvenir shops. If you are looking for something a bit more cultural, then you can get Arabian Oud or Arabian incense. Oud is a special type of wood that has a very unique and distinct smell. It is used in fragrance and incense products in Qatar. To know more about Arabic perfumes in Qatar read our article on Best Arabic Perfumes In Qatar, UAE & Saudi.

  • Handicrafts in Qatar’s Souvenir Shops

One of the most popular souvenirs you can purchase in Qatar souvenir stores is the traditional handmade carpets that come in various shapes and colors. Handmade carpets and rugs are very reasonably priced, and together with a gift box, they make a very beautiful and thoughtful gift. You can also opt for decorative items like Swarovski crystal jewelry, crystal figurines, glassware, woolen items, silverware, pottery, and tablecloths in Qatar’s traditional stores. Qatar is also known for its handcrafted sandalwood that can be put in a gift set containing sandalwood incense, oil, and a bar of sandalwood soap. If you want to go for a more modern take on souvenirs from Qatar, there are also options like mugs and t-shirts. Additionally, you can also get traditionally handmade Qatari clothing like the Abaya or the Ghabra, which will give you the feeling of being a true Qatari person. All these items are available in Souq Wakif and Souq Al Deira which we will present further in this article.

  • Food, Snacks and Coffee in Qatar’s Souvenir Shops

As Qatar is an Arabic country, it is known for its Arabic sweets that are made in most souvenir shops such as Baklava, which is a very popular Arabic sweet made with filo dough, almonds, and syrup. You can also get Halawa, a sweet made with nuts and sweetened with Arabic syrup. You can get any of these items in gift boxes and gift bags in souvenir shops.  In addition, available items include sweets like Qatayef syrup and candy, sweets made using dates, bananas, coconut, nuts, dried dates, figs, and raisins. For even far more traditional food, a box of dates would be delicious with the famous Qatari dates syrup and date molasses.

Another popular Qatari food item is the Barq Al Sharki, which is a type of carbonated drink that you can find in different shops in Qatar. If you want to go for snacks, there are plenty to choose from such as the popular Arabian Biscuits, Arabian Cookies, Arabian Saliva, Arabian Pretzels, Arabian Peanuts, and Arabian Nuts. You can get them in gift boxes and gift bags in different shapes. A great souvenir that can be a good gift for someone who likes coffee is Arabian coffee beans that can be put in bags or tins.


  • Arabian Jewelry, Accessories and Books in Qatar’s Souvenir Shops

Many Qatari huge markets have Qatari stores, in which you can purchase authentic Arabian jewelry. You can get a variety of earrings, necklaces, and rings at reasonable prices and in different colors and designs. You can also get some traditional Arabic accessories like shawls and scarves that has Arabic character. On the other hand, if you are a bookworm, you can also get a few books written in Arabic. There are many beautiful and interesting books written in Arabic that you can take back home that are spread in different souvenir shops in Qatar.


  • Culture-Related Gifts in Qatar’s Souvenir Shops

If you are looking for something related to the culture of Qatar, there are many options available. Some of the popular ones include the Coffee table book on Qatar, a Qatari flag, a framed map of Qatar, a Qatari wall hanging, or a Qatari coin set. You can also get a traditional Qatari robe or a scarf. To go for a more modern take on Qatari culture-related items, you can get a Qatari pillow. You can also get a framed Arabic calligraphy or painting as a Souvenir from Qatar. If you like photography, you can also get a framed picture of Doha or a picture of the iconic landmarks of Qatar like the Museum of Islamic Art or the Pearl Tower. A more interesting gift would also be a framed picture of the footprint of the tallest building in Qatar or a beautiful artwork made out of silk and cloth in Qatar with your name written in Arabic calligraphy.


  • Qatari Traditional Clothing in Qatar’s Souvenir Shops

If you are looking for something different, you can go for a traditional Qatari dress or a costume.  These dresses and costumes are very traditional and unique souvenirs that have a very unique fashionable look. You can also get a handcrafted bag, or a belt made using the same fabric as the dress. Some people like the idea of the Qatari traditional dress, therefore, they get a painting of a woman wearing a traditional Qatari dress or of a Qatari flag painted on a traditional Qatari dress.


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Top 4 Traditional Souvenir Shops in Qatar to Buy from

Once you have decided on the category, you can easily find them in 4 of the best places we collected for you here below:

  • Souvenir Shops in Souq Wakif

Souq Waqif is a traditional market that has been established for over 100 years and is located near Meshirab Valley in Doha. The market is a very well-known place for local residents and tourists in Doha and is one of Qatar’s most popular and visited tourist venues. The market boasts many narrow alleyways that inspire a sense of ancient history romances. Waqif Market has many souvenirs and traditional shops that have clothing, spices, and handicrafts as well as dozens of restaurants offering traditional and international meals. It also has many stores that sell the most delicious Arabic sweets that are done by the finest hands and with the finest material. One of the best traditional sweets such as Baklava is famous in this Qatari Market.


  • Souvenir Shops in Souq Al Haraj

If you are looking for something specific like a special type of handicraft or a Souvenir from Qatar, then you can browse through the Souq Al Haraj which is a Souq specifically designed for tourists. Souq Al Haraj is a Souq where you can find almost anything you want as a souvenir. It is one of the oldest Qatari shops in Qatar. It is known for its low prices and good products. It also has many second-hand stores.


  • Souvenir Shops in Souq Al Deira

This Qatari market is located next to Souq Waqif. Al Deira Market Qatar is a world-renowned market located in the heart of Doha. It also, as Souq Wakif, has many Souvenir stores. It is even considered one of Qatar’s most popular markets and places to buy souvenirs. The market is known for its wide range of products including clothing, electronics, and food. It is also a great place to find authentic Arabic products and has a number of restaurants and cafes that you can rest in after your shopping in its huge souvenir shops.

  • Souvenir Shops in Souq Al Warakeh

The market contains a range of the best souvenirs and heritage gifts. It is the ideal place to shop at prices that suit everyone. It is a sanctuary for many Arab and foreign people. Many embrace beautiful heritage goods. The old Al Wakra market contains many shops, cafes, restaurants, and shops specializing in selling men’s and women’s clothing and supplies as well as shops specializing in selling oud and incense, and other food goods that are very people in Qatar and are considered as the best souvenirs in Qatari shops.

In Conclusion

There is nothing better than taking home a few memories from your vacation. Souvenirs help you relive those beautiful moments even when you are miles away from them. If you are planning a vacation in Qatar, you should keep this article handy to find the abovementioned souvenir shops. It will help you pick the best souvenirs to bring back home from your trip to Qatar. From authentic Arabian products to unique pieces, Qatar has it all. So, why not pick a few items from this list and take home a little bit of Qatar?


Top Places to Buy Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

There is nothing quite like the smell of burning Bakhoor on a cold night to give you that cozy sensation. It has been said that lighting Bakhoor brings good luck and prosperity. This is because it represents the spirit of giving since its smoke signifies the ascension of one’s soul. It is also believed that Bakhoor can also drive away evil spirits and negative energy. Bakhoor is commonly used as a fragrance during weddings and other events, thanks to its sweet smell. Its traditional use dates back to the time of the Arabs.

The word Bakhoor means “covering” or “screen” in Arabic; it is also known as “fragrant ashes” or “fragrant smoke,” depending on how it is used. Bakhoor is essentially made from dried palm tree leaves that have been set alight to release a pleasant aroma. Due to the pleasant smell of Bakhoor many Bakhoor perfumes in Qatar and other places around the Arab world are made every day. Therefore, many places opened to sell Bakhoor perfumes in Qatar, which makes it hard to decide which ones are the best to buy Bakhoor perfume in Qatar. This article takes a look at 10 places where you can buy the best Bakhoor perfume in Qatar.

Ghost Aloud for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

 To buy the top Bakhoor perfume in Qatar, you should consider Ghost Aloud, which is a brand that specializes in making Bakhoors. With a name like Ghost Aloud, you can expect some pretty spooky scents, such as Ghost Ship, Crying Ghost, and Ghost Manor. These Bakhoors are a bit more expensive than other brands, but you can be sure that they are of high quality. Plus, they are hand-rolled, which makes them even more unique. They are available in two different sizes: the 27g jar and the 55g jar. Bakhoor perfumes in Qatar are commonly associated with Ramadan but are also used at weddings and other events, so if you celebrate to plan, what are you waiting for?


Al Saeed Trading Center for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

Al Saeed Road is a very famous road in Qatar and has one of the most popular places to buy Bakhoor perfume in Qatar’s stores in Doha, which is the Al Saeed Trading Center. The center is located just off the Doha Corniche, making it super easy to find. The store offers both scents for men and scents for women that have Bakhoor in them. They have a variety of different scents available, including musk, rose, jasmine, vanilla, and cedarwood, to name a few. Each jar of Bakhoor perfume is handmade, which makes them even more unique. The store also sells a range of other products, such as candles and incense. Al Saeed Road is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality scents at affordable prices for Bakhoor perfume in Qatar.

Souq Waqif for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar:

 Souq Waqif is a traditional market that has been around since the 1950s. It is a great place to pick up a bargain. Souq Waqif is known for having some of the best stores that sell different things such as abayassouvenirsQatari dishes, and many more, all at the best prices in Doha. Souq Wakif also gathers many of the best places to buy Bakhoor perfume in Qatar, which sells a range of scents that are perfect for weddings or other events. The following stores that are located in Souq Walif sell Bakhoor perfume and a range of other products, such as perfumes, incense, and perfumed oils.

  •  Arabian Nights for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

 Arabian Nights is another store located in Souq Waqif that sells a range of products, including Bakhoor perfume in Qatar. They have a wide variety of different scents available, including jasmine, rose, musk, lavender, and vanilla. Each jar of Bakhoor is handmade and comes with its own unique design, so you can be sure that no two jars are the same. These scents of the Bakhoor perfumes they have are perfect for weddings or other events and are available in various sizes and prices. Therefore, you can choose to buy them as a souvenir for your loved ones.

  •  Al Haramin for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

Al Haramin is a shop that has been in business since the 1970s. The shop is located in Souq Waqif market, making it an old-school Bakhoor shop. The fragrance of their Bakhoor is purely natural. Since the old market is usually crowded, you can shop online as well. Al Haramin is a reliable shop for all your Bakhoor needs. You can choose from a variety of fragrances with different levels of intensity. You can also choose the desired size of Bakhoor from the options available. The Bakhoor perfume in this shop is made of different plants that are usually imported from other countries.


Zain’s Bakhoor Store for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

Zain’s Bakhoor Store is a store located on Grand Hamad Street that sells a range of different Bakhoor perfumes in Qatar. They have a wide selection of different scents available, including rose, musk, lavender, and jasmine. These scents are great for weddings, parties, or any other event and are available in various sizes, ranging from 27g to 55g. Zain’s Bakhoor Store also sells other products related to scents. It is considered one of the top Bakhoor perfumes in Qatar due to the collection of different scents that they offer.


Tamim Orchard for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

If you are looking for some Persian Bakhoor perfume, then go to Tamim Orchard. Some people say that the Qatari tradition of burning Bakhoor began with the arrival of Persian traders. Therefore, Bakhoor offered by them was of top quality. They were highly priced as per the recommendations of their clients. Many reviews state that even though it is a high-priced store, it is worth every penny. The store has great decorations that make you feel happy when you enter. Do not miss out!

Ajmal Perfumes for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

Ajmal is one of the leading fragrance brands in Qatar. They have various products that are must-haves for your home fragrance collection. Their Bakhoor perfume line is also very popular among customers. They not only offer scented Bakhoor but also other products like incense, oils, candles, and sprays. Their Bakhoor perfume comes in a range of scents like roses, rose water, sandalwood, cinnamon, and musk. You can shop online for Bakhoor in Qatar and other parts of the world from Ajmal by choosing your favorite scent and size. You can also see reviews when buying online, which can make it easier for you to choose a Bakhoor perfume in Qatar.


Al Shaya Perfumes for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

Al Shaya is a fragrance brand that is widely known and loved in Qatar. Their products include perfumes, colognes, Bakhoor, and oils. They have a wide variety of products to choose from. Al Shaya is known for high-quality products, especially the Bakhoor perfumes. Their products last longer and have a strong fragrance. Their Bakhoor come in several fragrances like apple, cinnamon, coffee, rose, and sandalwood. Each fragrance has a different intensity level to suit your needs.

Bakhoor Company for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

Bakhoor Company is one of the most trusted names in the field of Bakhoor perfume in Qatar. They have been serving customers since the 18th century. They are a local brand that offers a wide range of Bakhoor, incense, and oils. Their Bakhoor perfume comes in different fragrances like rose, jasmine, mandarin, sandalwood, coffee, and cinnamon. You can shop for Bakhoor online from them. You can choose from a variety of Bakhoor sizes, fragrances, and packaging options. You can also choose to present Bakhoor perfume to your people.

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Rasasi Perfumes for Bakhoor Perfume in Qatar

Al-Rassi Perfume Industry LLC is a family-owned company in Dubai, founded in 1979 by visionary Abd Al-Razzaq Kalsikar, whose vision is now implemented by his six sons, each of whom is dedicated to moving forward with a specialized mission while achieving the primary goal of brand growth collectively.

For nearly four decades, the company has built a solid foundation for entrepreneurial vitality, creating some of the best and most distinctive fragrances, which have established a global reputation for quality, luxury, and style. Today, Al Rasi ranks top among Bakhoor perfume in Qatar, driven by a global vision. Eastern Bakhoor perfume line bullets have found wide acceptance and preference among a wide customer base around the world.


Bakhoor perfume in Qatar is a tradition that has been kept alive for decades. It is very different from other perfumes. You can choose from a variety of scents and fragrances to suit your mood and requirements. Having Bakhoor in your home and using its perfumes could be the best decision you take. In addition, it can also be a thoughtful gift for loved ones as a souvenir. If you are specifically interested in buying perfumes in Qatar, check out our article on Best Arabic Perfumes In Qatar, UAE & Saudi.