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Our English to Arabic Video Translation Services

Tanweir offers the best English Arabic video translation services that meet the needs of individuals, companies, and institutions. We have very good experience in video transcription, video translation, and subtitling time-coding in different languages.

Arabic to English Video Translation Services

You must have previously faced the problem of searching for professional Arabic to English video translation services that enable you to get the best accurate and high-level results. We have to say that many translation companies consider English to Arabic video translation to be easy, simple and does not require effort and time to accomplish. That is based on the idea that any translation, whether it is of a poor or inaccurate quality will do the job and contribute to getting the idea across to the viewer.

However, the matter is completely different, and the fact is that poor video translation affects the extent to which viewers are willing to watch and complete the video to the end. In addition, there is an aspect that many overlooks, which is that not everyone who reads the subtitles of the video necessarily is not able to listen and understand the language of that video. Rather, some people use the subtitles of the video as an aid to support the understanding of the whole idea of ​​the video. Therefore, we can tell you that the journey of your search for a company that provides professional video translation services is not as easy and simple as expected, and you must complete reading this article to be able to get the best results in translating your video.


Does providing professional English Arabic video translation services require specialization in the field?

Many of the linguistic and moral errors that we see in video translation are caused due to the lack of specialization and sufficient understanding in the field. Most companies assign the task of translating the video to a general translator who is not specialized in this service, which leads to serious errors that negatively affect the understanding of the video and the delivery of its ideas in a clear and logical way. In fact, it goes beyond that, so that the translation of the video itself be wrong and reflects the weakness of the translator’s expertise and his inability to provide video translation services with sufficient professionalism.

Therefore, you must always look for translation companies that guarantee you specialization in the field in which you want to translate, especially video translation. Providing professional video translation services requires a high specialization and for the translator to be familiar and aware of a set of important points:

  • The need to have strong, advanced experience and skill in listening and understanding the language spoken in the video.
  • The need to have a broad linguistic knowledge of the terms and vocabulary of the language he is translating from and into.

Some parts of the video and dialogue cannot be translated literally, so the intended meaning would not be the same as the literal utterance. To convey the meaning in the best way through the use of appropriate words and language methods, the translator must be an expert in the use of the source language so that he can understand the meanings related to the dialogue.

What does affect English to Arabic video translation?

There are some technical issues that negatively or positively affect the provision of professional video translation services, including the timecoding between the audio with the written text, which is one of the biggest problems facing translators who are not specialized in the field. Such a matter requires the translator to formulate the written translation so that the period of time required to read it does not exceed the period of time during which the audio text is narrated. Not only that, but he must synchronize the appearance of the written text with the audio text using some technical tools and programs.

 Translation companies for professional English to Arabic video translation services?

There are some things and steps that many translation companies overlook when translating videos, which prevent them from providing professional video translation services, and which also prevent you from being satisfied with the quality of the translation you have obtained. These steps to consider when translating a video are the basis for the success or failure of professionally translating videos. We have to inform you that your dealings with non-specialized or reliable parties in the field will lead to getting unsatisfactory results. Therefore, you must be aware of a set of steps that the translation company must take into account to provide you with professional video translation services.

Professional Arabic to English video translation services include:

  • To estimate the sufficient time needed for professional video translation and check it several times before delivering the final version to you, thus setting a delivery date that is not too early to the extent that it doesn’t provide the best quality, nor late to the extent that it harms your interest and exceeds the time specified by you to launch or use the video.
  • The company must check the video several times, by more than one translator and specialist in the field, before the delivery date, to ensure that it is free of errors that you may overlook and may affect the quality of the video and the viewers’ appetite for watching it.
  • The steps and stages through which the company works to implement the translation of the video should be clear to you. There shouldn’t be any kind of ambiguity in the transaction. So, the company has to inform you of the steps initially, such as the methods of translation, and all the stages through which the videos are translated, to decide whether the company was following a sound approach and foundations in translation or not.
  • The company must provide you with the latest news and developments regarding the translation of your video, to provide you with prototypes, and be keen to listen to your feedback and take it into consideration, because such action will get you the best results for translating your video, in addition to saving time and effort at the same time.
  • The translation company must sign a contract that guarantees the rights of both parties and clarifies the obligations of them both. Through this contract, the delivery time, method of delivery, the amount of money due, the confidentiality of dealing with your information, and the mechanism of guaranteeing your financial right to be clarified.

You don’t need to search a lot for a professional Arabic to English video translation service provider. We are here to offer you the best. All you need is to contact us by filling out this form, or you can contact us on WhatsApp from the button below.