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Certified Arabic Translation near me



If you are looking for the best certified Arabic translation services to translate your documents professionally, you are at the right place. Tanweir, the best Arabic translation company in the Middle East, provides high-quality certified Arabic translation services for all types of personal and official documents. Tanweir for Arabic certified translation services is keen to meet all your requirements in terms of quality, turnaround, and affordability of the price. We make our best to keep our customers satisfied through our constant commitment to international quality standards and maintaining the confidentiality of the translated documents. This was the reason behind our success on the local and international levels.


What are Arabic certified translation services?

Arabic certified translation is the translation of texts, official and legal documents, for the official, Academic, or governmental bodies, such as birth certificates, marriage and divorce documents, court documents and judicial ruling…etc. It also includes the translation of regulation, protocols, agreements, power of attorney, and other types of legal translation, including international relations and information dissemination among legal practitioners in different countries of the world.

Certified Arabic translation includes:

At Tanweir, we offer you the best certified Arabic translation services. We also provide translation services to and from many international languages such as: French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Spanish.


 Certified Arabic translation services near me| Tanweir for Translation Services

Certified Arabic translation services are among the most difficult branches of translation that require high language skills, adequate knowledge of local, regional, and international legislation and laws, and an in-depth understanding of local and international cultural standards and differences.

Importance of professionality in certified Arabic translation services

The certified Arabic translation services of legal documents require a licensed and specialized translator, who can provide high levels of accuracy and quality. The certified Arabic translator must also be familiar with the legal terminology of the source and target languages.  The certified Arabic translator should be also familiar with the cultural differences in order to be able to translate the concepts accurately without errors or ambiguity that may cause problems and have costly effects.

Difficulties facing Arabic certified translator

Among the most prominent difficulties of certified Arabic translation is its dealing with two different legal systems; The translation of legal content requires its transfer from one language and legal system to another language and legal system, which may be completely different, which requires each Arabic certified translator to observe both systems and maintain the same order, style, and wording of the original legal text so that the translated version is completely identical to the original text.


The importance of certified Arabic translation near me

The importance of legal translation is to maintain a universal legal language that allows good communication between all people in different parts of the world, a good legal translation is a translation done by a translator who knows how to say the exact same thing in both languages.


Arabic certified Translator | Tanweir Translation Company

The licensing of certified Arabic translators varies by country; In some countries, a licensed certified Arabic translator must have a degree and a translation degree, while in other countries, a certified Arabic translator needs to be certified by a court or judicial authority or to have the translation reviewed and approved by a lawyer.

Tanweir for Arabic Certified Translation Services is licensed by the Ministry of Justice to practice the profession of Arabic certified translation. We are familiar with all legal and judicial terms, and we have sufficient experience in the legal field, in addition to possessing sufficient language and translation skills necessary for work.


Tanweir company for Arabic certified translation is distinguished by having all the necessary requirements for a certified Arabic translator:


  1. Our certified Arabic translators possess the language and translation skills that authorize them to carry out the task of translating legal texts.
  2. Our certified Arabic translators are specialists in the legal field, with sufficient knowledge and full familiarity with legal and judicial terms.
  3. They have complete objectivity in translating legal texts in all their forms, preserving the meaning and purpose of the original text, as the text is translated with all its information and details into the language to be translated into without any addition or reduction, with a translation free from any spelling or grammatical errors.
  4. They preserve the order of the texts as it is in the original text because any change may cause a legal problem.
  5. They are fully committed to the ethics of legal translation.
  6. They take into account the different legal and judicial systems from one language to another, and they are committed to transfer legal norms and terms with high accuracy.

Why are we the first choice of our valued customers in the field of Arabic certified translation?

  1. Tanweir for Arabic Certified Translation Services provides a range of general and specialized translation services, including certified and licensed legal translation services to and from many languages.
  2. We have certified Arabic translators who are licensed by the Ministry of Justice to practice the profession of legal translation. They are licensed to translate official papers, government and legal documents in all their forms.
  3. Tanweir for Arabic Certified Translation Services adheres to the international quality standards ISO 17100/2015, ensuring that you receive an optimal quality translated text.
  4. Complete credibility and reliability to provide a reliable and professional certified Arabic translation.
  5. Commitment to the delivery date, regardless of the size of the file to be translated.
  6. We provide specialized customer service to answer your questions and inquiries at any time, seven days a week.
  7. We follow the necessary procedures for quality management by a specialized team of certified Arabic translators, proofreaders, reviewers, and technicians specialized in managing the translation process; to ensure that you get legal texts translated with utmost accuracy and efficiency.
  8. Maintain confidentiality, ensure the security of your information, protect your data and prevent unauthorized access to it.

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The best translation services in Jerusalem

We provide the following Arabic certified translation:

  • Public Law
  • The Constitutional law
  • Financial and banking law
  • Administrative Law
  • Customs law
  • Education laws
  • Market law
  • Civil law
  • Commercial Law
  • Civil and Commercial Procedures Law
  • Labor law
  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Birth, marriage, divorce, death, and other documents.
  • Academic certificates, quality certificates, patents, and more.


Arabic certified translator licensed to provide professional translation services at competitive prices

Tanweir for Arabic certified translation is keen to achieve a balance between quality and affordable price. Our prices suit all segments of society, including individuals and institutions inside and outside the country, as our services reach many countries around the world.


Payment methods for our certified Arabic translation; choose what suits you best:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Card (Visa / Master)
  • Wired Transfer

We save you the trouble of searching and provide you with certified and reliable professional Arabic translation services by specialists in the field of law at the best prices in the Arab world and the Middle East, with a commitment to deliver the files on time.

To get our certified Arabic translation services for your documents and documents, you can request a translation now by contacting us directly from here or on WhatsApp.

You can send the files or legal documents to be translated, and we will send you a detailed price quote as fast as possible.