cover letter translation

Cover letter translation is a significant step that may change your life. If you made your mind and decided to translate your cover letter, we advise you to read this article!

When does the one need to translate his/her Cover letter?

Are you seeking a new job in a foreign country or in a foreign company in your country?
Do you want the employer to get a good first impression of you? We advise you to consider translating your CV or resume and cover letter into the employer’s language.

Why cover letter translation is important?

1- It allows you to address the recruiters directly.

2- It allows you to highlight your key skills and accomplishments.

3- It helps the employer to differentiate between two job seekers with similar qualifications.

Try to consider those tips in order to find a good and reliable translator:

  1. Look for a good translation marketplace. A translation market place is a website where you find freelance translators and agencies who are willing to translate your text for an affordable price. You can consider choosing!
  2. Post your project with as many details as possible. Never forget to specify the deadline!
  3. When you get proposals from freelance translators, go through them carefully. Compare their prices and qualifications. It is a very easy process.
  4. View the translators’ profiles to see their ratings and the feedback left by previous clients.
  5. When you choose the best candidate, pay him\ her safely through the website.

You can also contact a well-known translation company such as Tanweir which offers high quality and professional services.

Features of working with us

1- ISO 17100/2015
2- The price includes translation, review and proofreading.
3- Fast response and communication.
4- Money-back guarantee (if our work doesn’t meet your needs, you would be completely refunded).
5- Flexible payment methods: Visa card, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer.

All that you need now is to contact us!
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