Our Team of Translators and Linguists

Tanweir for Translation Services has a group of highly qualified and experienced linguists and translators in various fields and specializations. They translate into their native languages ​​to ensure a professional output.


Criteria for Selecting Team Members

Starting from our commitment to the standards of the International Standards Institution ISO 17100/2015, which is devoted to the specifications and standards of language and translation service providers, the criteria for selecting the team members are as follows:


  • Postgraduate degree (Ph.D. or MA) in translation or language + one-year experience in the field of translation.
  • Bachelor’s degree (first university degree 4 years) in the field of translation or language + two years’ experience in the field of translation.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field + 3 years experience in the field of translation.

Confidentiality and privacy

Our team members are committed to the utmost confidentiality and maintaining the privacy of our customer data and files. The team members are obligated to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and Tanweir’s Terms and Conditions contract, which guarantees the security and privacy of our customer data, information, and files.


Translation Languages and Specialization

In addition to the in-house staff, we have a group of linguists and translators who work from many countries providing language services to their mother tongue. Our team provides services in Arabic, English, Hebrew, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, and other languages. We have specialized linguists in many domains such as legal, medical, technical, scientific, academic, religious, and other domains.