Code of Conduct

The ethical dimension of the translation process is increasingly important as it takes place on a multicultural global scale. in this code, our company aims to emphasize the importance of the code of Professional Conduct and establish the ethics of translation within the framework of ethical discipline. We also believe that implementing and complying with the code of conduct and business ethics helps strengthen our mission, vision, and values so that we can add better value to our employees, shareholders, customers, partners, and communities.

Creating Tanweir for Translation’s code of conduct, we have adopted the basic principles of respect for humans and the environment to be a leading and advanced platform in the sector. Building a relationship of trust with our employers is critical to our strategy, so we base ourselves on that in our ways to achieve our goals.  Our credibility doesn’t only depend on our technical expertise, but also on ethical and business practices. Out of our belief that commitment to the principles of accuracy, transparency, and honesty is the basis for maintaining the degree of total satisfaction of our customers; therefore, in every part and every place where Tanweir is located around the world, we never compromise on ethical values that are based on rights, duties, and sustainability in all translation processes.

Our first responsibility is towards our clients who receive our services and rely on our expertise to meet their needs. Our main concern is to be able to provide the high quality and cost-effective services that customers demand, and constantly improve our performance standards so that we can be more competitive in the market within a defined and clear ethical system. The code of conduct and Business Ethics also protects all our male and female employees who work with us from all over the world, as we do our best to provide our employees with the best support and adopt the best policies that ensure their success in a safe working environment. Accordingly, our system provides balanced standards to safeguard the rights of our employees and meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

The primary purpose of the code of Professional Conduct and business ethics is to regulate the relationship between Tanweir company for translation, and translators, i.e., between members of our work community, in line with carrying work out in today’s Speed Society. This code of conduct includes all employees, customers, and business partners at the global level.

Article I: Community Benefits

  1. Sustainability and development: considered the first line of transfer from one language to another, translation is the permanent and continuous way of the educational process. Our platform is based on more sustainable activities within the dimensions of social responsibility. Our sustainability as a concept goes beyond meeting the needs of customers to focus on tomorrow’s customers and the success and continuity of their projects. On the other hand, we show high sensitivity to issues of concern to individuals and support the positive development of society.
  2. Environmental protection: we operate in a variety of global markets that rely on translation as the first basis in marketing their services, so our responsibility to the community is to be careful when transferring information to other languages. Also, our principles are sincere in promoting the translation of all works related to developing environmental policies and ensuring their effective implementation, and we avoid sharply and decisively engaging in any activity that would harm any environmental elements.

Article II: human rights

The management, members and community of Tanweir company for translation believe that the Universal Declaration of human rights that was adopted by the United Nations forms an absolute global standard and we adopt its provisions, our vision of respect for human rights are clarified in details with the following principles:

  1. Equal opportunity and anti-discrimination: decisions on employment-related issues (right to training and promotion, termination, discipline, compensation and benefits, employment etc.) are made in line with competency and merit, and required performance and competencies records . Our commitment to equal opportunities in the work environment ensures that we stand against all forms of discrimination based on sex, religion, language, race, origin, disability, marital status or age.
  2. Gender Equality:
  • We refrain from treating individuals and clients, directly or indirectly, differently from what is stated in the terms of the employment contract because of sex or the natural circumstances associated with it, such as pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Applying the principle of equal pay between males and females.
  • Not to terminate the employment contract for biological reasons or others that are related to the circumstances of pregnancy and maternity.
  • Working to raise the rate of girls working in the translation sector.
  • Helping to reduce unemployment among both genders.
  1. Combating invisible barriers: we work in the management of Tanweir company for translation to give women in society the right of promotion and participation in management positions, and we believe that this positively promotes the increase of women’s participation in the workforce and increases their participation in decision-making.
  2. Fighting against corruption: we categorically reject all forms of abuse of power, directly or indirectly, to achieve any kind of gain. In this regard, we also do not accept any mediating means, offers or promises of advantages, directly or through third parties, in order to carry out or not carry out work, including (cash, donations, political offers, social benefits, gifts and any other extras)
  3. Fighting against child labor: childhood takes an extremely important place in the developmental stage of humanity. For us, we believe that the education received during this period has a significant contribution to the quality of life that an individual receives after adulthood, so it does not correspond to our work all that causes the completion of this stage in a way that negatively affects their mental, physical and social development. Employment is the main reason that pushes children not to continue their education and forces them to spend the rest of their lives as unqualified individuals, apart from the abuse to which the child is subjected due to the deterioration of social balances and the emergence of economic problems that forced children to bear the burdens and conditions of work.
  4. Rejecting and fighting all forms of abuse and harassment: we do not allow any forms of harassment, whether physical, verbal or electronic through words, actions or hints. It is our responsibility to provide a work environment free from abuse, exploitation, transgression and harassment.

Article III: respecting workers’ and customers’ rights

Tanweir company for translation aims to be the most preferred organization and model that everyone is proud to be a part of. Our staff consists of the most successful and competent employees who are able to add high value to the translation business that ensures a sustainable growth. Therefore, we value our employees and respect their rights.

  1. not to share private information about employees or customers with third parties without permission and knowledge, except for legal obligations.
  2. Creating a transparent work environment based on flexibility and mutual respect.
  3. Considering competence as the only criterion in hiring.
  4. Providing training, guidance and sustainable development for employees.
  5. Evaluating and responding to opinions and suggestions of employees and customers and taking actions that promote them.
  6. Ensuring the continuity of employees’ success.
  7. Ensuring that work duties are carried out within the framework of basic moral and human values.

Article IV: respecting work conditions

  1. Acting with integrity, good faith and understanding in order to achieve mutual benefit in all relationships.
  2. Not to obtain an unfair advantage from individuals and institutions for any reason, and not to take or offer bribes of any kind.
  3. Neutrality, objectivity and independence: employees at Tanweir company for translation show the highest level of professionalism and objectivity without prejudice that is based on special interests personal or other interests.
  4. Privacy and confidentiality: all employees and contractors respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information they obtain and are not entitled to disclose it to any party under any circumstances.
  5. Not to use any of the company’s information and software, directly or indirectly, for personal or political benefit, except for those permitted by the company after submitting a formal request.
  6. Respecting and preservation of Intellectual property rights .
  7. Secretary, while the staff is doing their work, they must:
  • Work with integrity and have a spirit of responsibility.
  • Observe the law, and provide special explanations for situations required by law and profession.
  • not engage in illegal or immoral acts.
  • Maintain a respectful relationship with co-workers.
  • Be fully responsible in case In cases of teleworking (outside the company).
  • Contribute to achieving the general goals.
  1. Take into account public interests when making a decision regarding the implementation of work.

Reading our code of conduct, we encourage you to share your questions and concerns regarding our rules and any compliance issues you face and remind you that we never allow any action to be taken against employees who disclose their concerns in good faith.

Tanweir company for translation

February 2022