Top 9 Free Arabic movie websites in 2022

Arabic movies have been around for a long time and have reached millions of viewers worldwide. In this article, we will help you find the best free Arabic movie websites where you can watch your favorite movie.

Arabic movies from Arabic-speaking countries are very popular in the Arab world. This is why they deserve to be available to as many people as possible and not only those who have the means to rent them.

One of the best things about these websites is that they provide movie titles in English, Arabic and with Arabic subtitles.

Free Arabic movies are provided on various platforms that offer the chance to explore cinema coming from the Arab world – a region whose films have been celebrated for centuries as well as being at the forefront of some of today’s most innovative directors.

Some of these websites offer one movie per week, while others may provide a single movie every day.

Online streaming services for free Arabic movies are now available on a large scale. The availability of online streaming services has led to an increase in the number of people watching Arabic movies. These services are especially important for people who are not fluent in Arabic as these sites offer subtitles in different languages, including English and Portuguese.

There are many websites that provide links to free Arabic movies. The following are a few of the best 10 Free Arabic movie websites for people who like to watch movies in this language.

Watch Arabic movies online for free

Watch free Arabic movies online without the need to pay for a subscription. In this article, you will read about the best free Arabic movie streaming websites where you can watch movies in Arabic for free.

When it comes to watching Arabic movies online, nothing can beat the experience of watching it in the original language. There is something about the sound of a language that makes the experience of watching a movie more immersive.

Where to watch Arabic movies online?

There are a few websites where you can find the largest collection of Arabic movies to watch online. Below are some of the best websites to watch Arabic movies without the need to sign up.

Top Free Arabic movie websites


Despite the great difficulties that the site has experienced in recent years and the owners of it being forced to close it because of the site’s accounts being stolen and the appearance of fake copies of it, it has finally returned with the same strength with which it started, bringing thousands of followers back to it.

This free Arabic movie website is characterized by its high speed in subtitling films and providing them on the site, and it contains English, Arabic, Turkish and Korean films, in addition to multinational series within a short period of its inception. You can imagine that a series such as La Casa De PaPle was shown on Netflix and transferred directly to the site, to allow the people who don’t have a Netflix account to watch it.


This free Arabic movie website wins the title of the most professional design, as soon as you hover over the image of the movie, it shows you its rating, with the number of viewers and downloads in a nice way and comfortable colors.

This free Arabic movie website is characterized by a variety of categories that you can choose from. In addition to English, Turkish, Arabic and Korean films and series, there is a section for animation films and series, in addition to documentaries, free wrestling, and famous TV shows such as The Voice.


For fans of Indian films and series, this site can be described as an encyclopedia of Indian shows, as it provides it with professional translation, and it is an opportunity to learn about Indian civilization and the difference in cultures due to the variety of categories of films and series available.

DarDarkom for free Arabic movies

The ergonomic design is what catches your eye the most in the site away from the crowds of other sites.
This free Arabic movie website contains many ratings that help you choose the category of movie or series that you need, in addition to the feature of choosing the quality that you want to watch your movie on to fit your internet speed.


According to the testimony of a number of users of this free Arabic movie website, they believe that it provides movies that are not available on other sites, but what draws most attention to it is the way in which it is distinguished from other sites.


Within the films category, the site gives you a list of the films and series that are being worked on and will be shown on international cinema in the near future.



This site is characterized by its convenient design, and it provides old movies in different languages, which you may not find on other sites, Arabic and Indian films, animations and wrestling shows.

This free Arabic movie website allows you to watch the movie in the quality that suits your internet speed, and provides divisions of movies and series by country.


The black design and undersized movie icons comfort the viewer’s eye and remove the feeling of crowding.
This site is distinguished by providing you with movie classifications to suit your desire. You can choose the classification according to the year of production, genre, or viewing format, and the films are shown according to the rating of the followers subscribed to the site for the movie or series.

But the most distinctive feature of this site is that it provides you with a short clip showing you the most important events of the movie, i.e. movie trailers, to decide if you want to continue or stop and move to another movie.


Stars Play offers a variety of subtitled movies and series, in HD and 4K quality, as is the case with the Netflix service. This free Arabic movie website relies on powerful servers that support even devices with weak internet connections.


This free Arabic movie website is one of the largest sites that provides the biggest number of translated movies and series, in addition to the service of requesting a translation of films and series according to the public’s desire. It is characterized by offering a number of servers that allow the viewer to choose what they like from them.

What distinguishes it is the lack of ads and pop-ups, unlike most sites where every click opens a lot of annoying windows and ads.


It is not possible to talk about the best free Arabic movie websites to watch Arabic movies without Netflix, as it is the most famous site in the world without a doubt. The company started its work to sell CDs, and then expanded until it reached the provision of broadcasts through its site for translated films, translated series, and TV shows, and then the company’s revenues increased to move towards producing movies. Their production of films exceeds the production of companies that started working before them.


Criteria that distinguish each free Arabic movie websites from the other:

  • Translation accuracy and spelling correctness.
  • Translation takes into account the social and religious differences between different cultures.
  • Provide clear ratings for movies, apart from placing the movie in more than one category.
  • Providing the opportunity to watch the movie or series for free without any fees.
  • Considering the viewers’ ratings and offering the movies and series that the audience request.
  • Providing alternative and various servers that allow the viewers to choose what suits them best
  • Minimize pop-ups and ads that cause viewers to leave the site.


Best Arabic Cartoons for Kids to Learn Arabic and Culture

Arabic cartoons are very popular among children around the world. These cartoons have been entertaining children for decades. There are many reasons behind their popularity.

Importance of Arabic cartoons for kids

  • They teach them Arabic.
  • They teach them culture and ethics.
  • they are full of action and adventure.
  • these cartoons teach children about values and morals.
  • they help children understand how to solve problems and make decisions.
  • they teach children about different cultures and religions.
  • they educate children about history and geography.
  • they teach children about science and technology.
  • they encourage children to learn the English language.
  • they develop children’s imagination.
  • they teach children about friendship and love.
  • they teach children about family and home.
  • they teach children about music and art.
  • they teach children about sports and games.
  • they teach children about animals and nature.
  • they teach children how to express themselves.
  • they teach children to respect others.
  • they teach children responsibility.
  • they teach children to follow rules.
  • they teach children about gender equality.
  • they teach children about tolerance.
  • they teach children about diversity.

They also teach children about kindness, honesty patience, being kind courage, avoiding mistakes. they teach children to be creative. They teach children about forgiveness. Furthermore, they teach children to dream big, to believe in themselves, to be strong, to stand up for what they believe in, to respect authority, to work hard, to take care of their bodies, and to treat people kindly. They show children how not to bully. They show children how much fun it is to play. They show children how important it is to laugh, how beautiful it is to smile, how wonderful it is to share, how fun it is to play together, how great it is to do things together, how happy it makes them feel, how good it feels to be loved, how important it is for them to listen to their parents, how much fun it was to watch them grow up, how proud they are of them, how special they are.

How to choose Arabic cartoons for your kids

  1. Choose a cartoon that your child likes

If you want to make sure your kid enjoys watching cartoons, then you should choose a cartoon they enjoy. If you have no idea what your child’s favorite cartoon is, then you can ask them what their favorite shows are. You can also watch some of these shows together and find out if any of them appeal to you.

  1. Consider the length of the episodes

Some cartoons are short, while others last longer than 30 minutes. When choosing a cartoon, you should take the length of cartoon episodes into consideration!

  1. Look for a cartoon that has a good message

When choosing a cartoon, you need to look for one that teaches children valuable lessons. For instance, you could pick a cartoon that teaches children about honesty. Or, you could choose a cartoon that teaches children how to treat people with respect.

  1. Find a cartoon that appeals to your family

If you’re looking for a cartoon that your whole family will enjoy, then you should consider finding one that everyone agrees on. That way, you’ll be able to watch it together without arguing over who watches what.


The best Arabic cartoons

First: The Magic School Bus in Arabic (باص المدرسة العجيب)

The cartoon of The Magic School Bus is characterized by the plenty of information it provides to children in the scientific and technical fields. School children travel with their teacher and their magical bus that can fly, shrink and travel through time to faraway places. On each trip, the cartoon presents unique information that you will be surprised that may do not know. The bus will travel to the North Pole, desert, space, atom, galaxy, ant cell, ancient times like the age of dinosaurs and inside the human body, and it provides information about all these things in a fun template for children.


Second: Me & My Brother in Arabic (أنا وأخي)

The series talks about a family who lost their mother in a car accident. The family consists of the father, Mr. Adel, and two sons, Sami the eldest and Waseem, the younger brother.

Sami is 10 years old. He has a good heart and gave his life to take care of his little brother Waseem after the death of their mother. Sami does not like to offend anyone, no matter the circumstances, even if he gives up his right because of that. This is not like his friends Hassan and Salem.

The series includes many emotional and very touching scenes. Do not miss any episode of this purposeful and wonderful series.

Third: Siraj (سراج)

Life is a wonderful educational journey for Noura who embarks on an exciting adventure through the letters of the Arabic alphabet with her brother Rashid. Siraj is an educational series for children. It presents the Arabic alphabet for children, in each episode a new letter is covered in detail.


Forth: Noor and the gate of history (نور وبوابة التاريخ)

An Egyptian animated series. This series provides historical information about some important scientific figures in Arab Islamic history, such as Ibn Sina, Jaber Ibn Hayyan, Ibn Battuta, Abbas Ibn Firnas and other personalities who influenced the history of mankind and how they made their discoveries.


Fifth: Open Sesame (افتح يا سمسم)

The series shows a quiet place where everyone, people and animals, lives with love and peace. The program aims to help children prepare psychologically and mentally to go to school. Music, singing, science, awareness, humor, and humanity all come together to weave beautiful, educational scenes. “Iftah Ya Simsim” (Open Sesame) teaches children numbers, letters and colors and gives them the opportunity to develop their emotional and social spheres.

Sixth: Sali in Arabic cartoon (سالي)

Sally is a Japanese animated series with a human depth. Produced by Nippon Studios in 1985, Sally is the Arabic name for the main character of this cartoon series adapted from the famous novel by the writer Frances Hodgson Burnett under the name “The Little Princess” and the name of the girl in the novel is Sarah.

Young Sally becomes an orphan when her father dies and is forced to work as a maid at the boarding school she was once a student at.

Seventh: Monarch: The Big Bear of Tallac (لوز وسكر)

The series talks about two bears, Luz, the quarrelsome spirit, who always protects his sister Sukkar from any dangers, in case they stay away from their mother, and nearby there was an Indian tribe in which the young boy Majd lived, who developed a strong friendship the bear Luz and his sister Sukkar.

But the evil character appears in the series, Sakhr, who plans to hunt the mother of the two young puppies to sell her at a great price.

After the murder of their mother, the two little bears move to live with Majd, and the days pass happily for everyone, until the evil Sakhr appears, who does not stop chasing Luz and Sukkar.

Eighth: Seton Animal Chronicles (مخلص صديق الحيوان)

Mukhles, the friend of the animal is a great and noble cartoon. It is like a school from which we all learn that animals were not created in vain and that their presence in nature helps in the conduct of its essential balance, and that compromising and distorting its living system will lead to a defect in the correct order of nature and will lead to undesirable results.

Our friend Mukhles tells us in every episode a new story that teaches many lessons and bring many benefits, and its end is often sad. It is really one of the most wonderful series ever.

Ninth: SpongeBob in Arabic (سبونج بوب)

SpongeBob in Arabic سبونج بوب is the most famous and best American comedy TV series that is loved by adults and children, as its entertaining episodes narrate several adventures of cartoon characters in the deep sea, and its long series of episodes increased its popularity and ranked it as the highest-grossing cartoon series on Nickelodeon channel.

SpongeBob is a cartoon character in the form of a yellow sea sponge. The character of SpongeBob is characterized by activity, optimism and childlike enthusiasm for life. The pleasant humorous atmosphere appears in his pineapple-shaped house. The story of SpongeBob begins with his transition to a job as a chef in a fast food restaurant, but his main goal in life was his success in obtaining a boat driver’s license from Mrs. Puff’s boating school and despite his many attempts, he was never successful in obtaining a driver’s license.


Tenth: Ask Labiba (أسألوا لبيبة)

Labiba is an artificial intelligence inside a computer, called when needed in order to ask her for information, new inventions and amazing scientific discoveries, to find herself a permanent friend to the two brothers (Walid) and (Haya).


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Top 10 Religious and Islamic Movies and Series in English

Top 9 Free Arabic movie websites in 2022


Top 10 Religious and Islamic Movies and Series in English

Living in an interconnected world, new directions to overcome oddness are developed and introduced, especially when it’s about “religion”. This becomes necessary when different people with different backgrounds want to make sure that they are following the right path, that is, the right religion. The term religion is considered likewise the central issue that dominated the world’s attention throughout history. Thus, it has become a matter of concern to many directors around the world.

In this article, we decided to introduce the top 10 religious and Islamic movies of all time, depending on different factors that contribute to their popularity such as the true greatness of the actors, their success, the period in which the movies were released, the stories they addressed and their effect on the audience.

Read also: Top 9 Free Arabic movie websites in 2022

Top ten religious and Islamic movies

The Message

the message movie - islamic movies

If you did not watch this movie, you missed a lot. The message is a great Islamic movie that was produced in both Arabic and English languages. It mainly highlights the early Islamic history, following the life of Prophet Mohammad PBUH and how Islam was found. The Arabic version was directed and produced by the Syrian director Mustafa al- Aqqad, and it was shot in Morocco and Libya. The production process took four-and-a-half months to prepare the sets for Mecca and Medina as they are supposed to be in Muhammad’s time. The movie costs about 10 million USD, and it deserves to be on the top of this list.

Al-Aqqad mentioned in some interview that he wanted to produce this movie as he was a Muslim living in the west and he really desired to show the west a bright and clear impression about Islam and Muslims. So, this film acts like a bridge that link Muslim society and Islam religion with the west.

If you want to watch the Movie in English, all you have to do is to click here.


Mohammad (the messenger of God)

Muhammad movie - islamic movies

This Irani movie tells the life of Prophet Mohammad PBUH since his birth and childhood till He became the final messenger. Its production marks the biggest-budget in the Iranian cinema to date. It is considered one of the best religious and Islamic movies, and it is highly recommended. Some scenes were shot in south Africa while most of which were filmed in Iran. The filming started in 2008 and ended in 2014. It is worth saying that nothing of the scenes has shown the prophet’s face, it only focuses on his life and his good manners. The first European country that held the screaming of the movie was Denmark just after the Arabic country Lebanon.

Click here if you are interested in watching such a movie.


Bilal (a new breed of hero)

bilal movie - islamic movies

This animated movie summarizes the life of Belal who is a member of the closest group believing in the Prophet Muhammed PBUH, and the first Muazzin (reciter for adhan). The story of this movie revolves around how Bilal and his brother rescued themselves from being slaves in Habasha, becoming real heroes.


Watch the movie here in one click!



Journey to Mecca 2009

journey to mecca movie - islamic movies

Basically, this movie considers the first journey of the most known scholar and explorer in the Islamic world Ibn Battuta in the 14th century. Traveling 5 thousand miles in 18 months among barren deserts, he struggles for a religious purpose, that is performing Hajj. It is considered one of the most watched movies.


Have a look on the trailer here.


Don’t hesitate to watch it here as well.



 movie - islamic movies

This movie is one of the most important movies that talk about Muslims life in America, especially after September 11th attack. It follows the story of an Arabic guy named Tariq who raised on the Islamic religious and lives in east of America. facing the sept 11th attack, he starts thinking of changing his ideas and beliefs, especially that he was a university student.


Watch the trailer here.

Do you want to watch the full movie? Click here.


Yousef al-Sediq

 Yusuf Al-Siddiq movie - islamic movies

this series talks about the story of Prophet Yousef PBUH which is an interesting one that gives lessons and morals to Muslims. It is worth mentioning that it is an Irani series that consists of 45 episodes. It took 3 years to end shooting it. The story of Yousef focuses on deceit, separation, suffering, and divine interventions. Describing how yousef, the beloved son, was taken away from his father, the movie gives a great view of the events of the story. It also shows how his envious brothers to bring him down PBUH. In addition, it introduces the idea of temptation through the story of the woman who occupied the house that Yusuf served in and loved him after he reached the age of manhood and how he refused to follow her. It is a great movie to watch.


Click here to watch it in English!


Omar bin al- Khattab 

Omar movie - islamic movies

It is A 30 episodes series that talks about the second caliph of the Islamic state Omar and how he entered Islam, so basically it revolves around the life of Omar pre-Islam until he became Muslim. This series was produced by MBC1 and directed by the Syrian director Hatem Ali. It received many views and the audience loved it deeply because it highlighted the character of Caliph Omar Ben Al-Khattab and introduced the most prominent events that took place in his days.

See the full episodes here.


Hazrat Younas

prophet yunus movie - islamic movies

It is an Indian urdo movie that explains and introduces the story of prophet Yunus PBUH when he was eaten by the wale. The film tells the story of Yunus, who was angry with his people who refused to listen to his call and what God had sent him for, which made him turn away from them an go abroad a ship. While he is on the ship, strong storms started and rain began to fall , which causes the ship to turn upside down and drown everyone on it. Then the film follows how the wale was sent by God to swallow Yunus as a way pf protection, and how God saved him.




khaybar movie - islamic movies

Khyber is a Saudi city located north of Medina. It is an ancient historical country that has been known by this name since ancient times. There have been several narrations explaining the reason for the name, perhaps the most important of which is its fame for its forts and castles. The word (Khaybar) and its plural (Khayaber) means fortress. It was a residence for the Jews, but they were expelled from it. so, Khaybar movie is a historical drama series that focuses on all aspects of life of Arabs and Jews during the time of prophet Mohammad PBUH. It’s a really interesting series that gives a broad overview of Islam and Muslims.


If you want to watch, click here.


All American Muslims

all American Muslims movie - islamic movies

It is an American reality tv series. It shows the daily life of some Lebanese Muslims in the American states. Some of the episodes explain the idea of marrying a Muslim, other episodes give other several topics the priority. It’s an amazing TV show though that we highly recommend you to watch.


See the trailer here.

Watch the full episodes here.


So, those were the top 10 recommended religious and Islamic movies that are really interesting and that give a clear image of Islam. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy them very much. If you want to see the top ten Palestinian movies, please visit our link here or press the button.







Os filmes árabes existem há muito tempo e alcançaram milhões de espectadores em todo o mundo. Neste artigo, vamos ajudá-lo a encontrar os melhores sites de filmes árabes gratuitos onde você pode assistir ao seu filme favorito.

Filmes árabes de países de língua árabe são muito populares no mundo árabe. É por isso que eles merecem estar disponíveis para o maior número de pessoas possível e não apenas para aqueles que têm meios para alugá-los.

Uma das melhores coisas sobre esses sites é que eles fornecem títulos de filmes em inglês, árabe e com legendas em árabe.

Filmes árabes gratuitos são oferecidos em várias plataformas que oferecem a chance de explorar o cinema vindo do mundo árabe – uma região cujos filmes são celebrados há séculos, além de estar na vanguarda de alguns dos diretores mais inovadores da atualidade.

Alguns desses sites oferecem um filme por semana, enquanto outros podem fornecer um único filme todos os dias.

Os serviços de streaming online de filmes árabes gratuitos já estão disponíveis em larga escala. A disponibilidade de serviços de streaming online levou a um aumento no número de pessoas assistindo a filmes árabes. Esses serviços são especialmente importantes para pessoas que não são fluentes em árabe, pois esses sites oferecem legendas em diferentes idiomas, incluindo inglês e português.

Existem muitos sites que fornecem links para filmes árabes gratuitos. A seguir estão alguns dos 10 melhores sites de filmes árabes gratuitos para pessoas que gostam de assistir filmes neste idioma.

Principais sites de filmes árabes gratuitos


Não é possível falar sobre os melhores sites gratuitos de filmes árabes para assistir filmes árabes sem Netflix, pois é o site mais famoso do mundo sem dúvida. A empresa iniciou seu trabalho de venda de CDs, e depois expandiu até chegar à oferta de transmissões através de seu site para filmes traduzidos, séries traduzidas e programas de TV, e então o faturamento da empresa aumentou para passar a produzir filmes. Sua produção de filmes supera a produção de empresas que começaram a trabalhar antes deles.



Apesar das grandes dificuldades que o site tem vivido nos últimos anos e os donos do mesmo terem sido obrigados a fechá-lo devido ao roubo das contas do site e ao aparecimento de cópias falsas do mesmo, finalmente voltou com a mesma força com que começou , trazendo milhares de seguidores de volta para ele.

Este site gratuito de filmes árabes é caracterizado por sua alta velocidade na legendagem de filmes e sua disponibilização no site, e contém filmes em inglês, árabe, turco e coreano, além de séries multinacionais em um curto período de sua criação. Você pode imaginar que uma série como La Casa De PaPle foi exibida na Netflix e transferida diretamente para o site, para permitir que as pessoas que não têm conta Netflix assistam.


Este site gratuito de filmes árabes ganha o título de design mais profissional, assim que você passa o mouse sobre a imagem do filme, ele mostra sua classificação, com o número de espectadores e downloads de uma forma agradável e cores confortáveis.

Este site gratuito de filmes árabes é caracterizado por uma variedade de categorias que você pode escolher. Além de filmes e séries em inglês, turco, árabe e coreano, há uma seção para filmes e séries de animação, além de documentários, luta livre e programas de TV famosos como The Voice.


Para os fãs de filmes e séries indianos, este site pode ser descrito como uma enciclopédia de shows indianos, pois oferece tradução profissional, e é uma oportunidade de conhecer a civilização indiana e a diferença de culturas devido à variedade de categorias de filmes e séries disponíveis.

DarDarkom para filmes árabes gratuitos

O design ergonômico é o que mais chama sua atenção no site longe das multidões de outros sites.
Este site gratuito de filmes árabes contém muitas classificações que ajudam você a escolher a categoria de filme ou série que você precisa, além do recurso de escolher a qualidade na qual você deseja assistir ao seu filme para se adequar à velocidade da sua internet.


De acordo com o depoimento de vários usuários deste site gratuito de filmes árabes, eles acreditam que ele disponibiliza filmes que não estão disponíveis em outros sites, mas o que mais chama a atenção nele é a forma como se diferencia dos outros sites.

Dentro da categoria de filmes, o site traz uma lista dos filmes e séries que estão sendo trabalhados e serão exibidos no cinema internacional em breve .



Este site é caracterizado por seu design conveniente, e oferece filmes antigos em diferentes idiomas, que você pode não encontrar em outros sites, filmes árabes e indianos, animações e shows de luta livre.

Este site gratuito de filmes árabes permite que você assista ao filme com a qualidade adequada à velocidade da sua internet e oferece divisões de filmes e séries por país.

Filmes para você

O design preto e os ícones de filmes subdimensionados confortam os olhos do espectador e eliminam a sensação de aglomeração.
Este site se distingue por fornecer classificações de filmes para atender ao seu desejo. Você pode escolher a classificação de acordo com o ano de produção, gênero ou formato de exibição, e os filmes são exibidos de acordo com a classificação dos seguidores inscritos no site para o filme ou série. ele fornece um pequeno clipe mostrando os eventos mais importantes do filme, ou seja, trailers de filmes, para decidir se você deseja continuar ou parar e passar para outro filme.


Stars Play oferece uma variedade de filmes e séries legendados, em qualidade HD e 4K , como é o caso do serviço Netflix. Este site gratuito de filmes árabes conta com servidores poderosos que suportam até mesmo dispositivos com conexões de internet fracas.


Este site gratuito de filmes árabes é um dos maiores sites que disponibiliza o maior número de filmes e séries traduzidos, além do serviço de solicitação de tradução de filmes e séries de acordo com o desejo do público. Caracteriza-se por oferecer uma série de servidores que permitem ao espectador escolher o que gosta deles.

O que o distingue é a falta de anúncios e pop-ups, ao contrário da maioria dos sites onde cada clique abre muitas janelas e anúncios irritantes.


Critérios que distinguem cada sites de filmes árabes gratuitos do outro:

  • Precisão da tradução e correção ortográfica.
  • A tradução leva em conta as diferenças sociais e religiosas entre as diferentes culturas.
  • Forneça classificações claras para os filmes, além de colocar o filme em mais de uma categoria.
  • Oferecendo a oportunidade de assistir ao filme ou série gratuitamente, sem nenhuma taxa.
  • Levando em consideração as classificações dos telespectadores e oferecendo os filmes e séries que o público solicita.
  • Fornecendo servidores alternativos e diversos que permitem aos espectadores escolher o que melhor lhes convém
  • Minimize pop-ups e anúncios que fazem com que os visitantes saiam do site.



Les films arabes existent depuis longtemps et ont atteint des millions de téléspectateurs dans le monde. Dans cet article, nous vous aiderons à trouver les meilleurs sites Web de films arabes gratuits où vous pourrez regarder votre film préféré.

Les films arabes des pays arabophones sont très populaires dans le monde arabe. C’est pourquoi ils méritent d’être accessibles au plus grand nombre et pas seulement à ceux qui ont les moyens de les louer.

L’une des meilleures choses à propos de ces sites Web est qu’ils fournissent des titres de films en anglais, en arabe et avec des sous-titres en arabe.

Des films arabes gratuits sont proposés sur diverses plateformes qui offrent la possibilité d’explorer le cinéma du monde arabe – une région dont les films sont célébrés depuis des siècles tout en étant à l’avant-garde de certains des réalisateurs les plus innovants d’aujourd’hui.

Certains de ces sites proposent un film par semaine, tandis que d’autres proposent un seul film par jour.

Des services de diffusion en ligne de films arabes gratuits sont désormais disponibles à grande échelle. La disponibilité des services de streaming en ligne a entraîné une augmentation du nombre de personnes regardant des films arabes. Ces services sont particulièrement importants pour les personnes qui ne parlent pas couramment l’arabe car ces sites proposent des sous-titres dans différentes langues, dont l’anglais et le portugais.

Il existe de nombreux sites Web qui fournissent des liens vers des films arabes gratuits. Voici quelques-uns des 10 meilleurs sites Web de films arabes gratuits pour les personnes qui aiment regarder des films dans cette langue.

Meilleurs sites de films arabes gratuits


Il n’est pas possible de parler des meilleurs sites Web de films arabes gratuits pour regarder des films arabes sans Netflix, car c’est sans aucun doute le site le plus célèbre au monde. La société a commencé son travail pour vendre des CD, puis s’est développée jusqu’à ce qu’elle atteigne la fourniture d’émissions via son site pour des films traduits, des séries traduites et des émissions de télévision, puis les revenus de la société ont augmenté pour passer à la production de films. Leur production de films dépasse la production des entreprises qui ont commencé à travailler avant eux.


Malgré les grandes difficultés que le site a connues ces dernières années et ses propriétaires contraints de le fermer en raison du vol des comptes du site et de l’apparition de fausses copies de celui-ci, il est finalement revenu avec la même force avec laquelle il a commencé , y ramenant des milliers de followers.

Ce site Web gratuit de films arabes se caractérise par sa grande vitesse de sous-titrage des films et de leur mise à disposition sur le site, et il contient des films anglais, arabes, turcs et coréens, en plus de séries multinationales dans un court laps de temps après sa création. Vous pouvez imaginer qu’une série comme La Casa De PaPle a été diffusée sur Netflix et transférée directement sur le site, pour permettre aux personnes qui n’ont pas de compte Netflix de la regarder.


Ce site Web de films arabes gratuit remporte le titre du design le plus professionnel, dès que vous survolez l’image du film, il vous montre sa note, avec le nombre de téléspectateurs et de téléchargements d’une manière agréable et avec des couleurs confortables.

Ce site Web de films arabes gratuit se caractérise par une variété de catégories parmi lesquelles vous pouvez choisir. En plus des films et séries anglais, turcs, arabes et coréens, il y a une section pour les films et séries d’animation, en plus des documentaires, de la lutte libre et des émissions de télévision célèbres telles que The Voice.


Pour les fans de films et de séries indiennes, ce site peut être décrit comme une encyclopédie des émissions indiennes, car il en fournit une traduction professionnelle, et c’est l’occasion de s’informer sur la civilisation indienne et la différence des cultures due à la variété des catégories de films et séries disponibles.

DarDarkom pour des films arabes gratuits

La conception ergonomique est ce qui attire le plus votre attention sur le site, loin de la foule des autres sites.
Ce site Web de films arabes gratuit contient de nombreuses évaluations qui vous aident à choisir la catégorie de films ou de séries dont vous avez besoin, en plus de la possibilité de choisir la qualité sur laquelle vous souhaitez regarder votre film en fonction de votre vitesse Internet.


Selon le témoignage d’ un certain nombre d’ utilisateurs de ce site Web de films arabes gratuits, ils estiment qu’il propose des films qui ne sont pas disponibles sur d’autres sites, mais ce qui attire le plus l’attention, c’est la manière dont il se distingue des autres sites.

Au sein de la catégorie films, le site vous donne une liste des films et séries en cours de réalisation et qui seront projetés sur le cinéma international dans un futur proche .



Ce site se caractérise par sa conception pratique et propose de vieux films dans différentes langues, que vous ne trouverez peut-être pas sur d’autres sites, des films arabes et indiens, des animations et des spectacles de lutte.

Ce site Web gratuit de films en arabe vous permet de regarder le film dans la qualité qui convient à votre vitesse Internet et propose des divisions de films et de séries par pays.


Le design noir et les icônes de film sous-dimensionnées réconfortent l’œil du spectateur et suppriment la sensation d’encombrement.
Ce site se distingue en vous proposant des classements de films en fonction de vos envies. Vous pouvez choisir la classification en fonction de l’année de production, du genre ou du format de visionnage, et les films sont diffusés en fonction de la note des abonnés abonnés au site pour le film ou la série. Mais la caractéristique la plus distinctive de ce site est que il vous fournit un court clip vous montrant les événements les plus importants du film, c’est-à-dire les bandes-annonces, pour décider si vous voulez continuer ou arrêter et passer à un autre film.


Stars Play propose une variété de films et de séries sous-titrés, en qualité HD et 4K , comme c’est le cas avec le service Netflix. Ce site Web de films en arabe gratuit s’appuie sur des serveurs puissants qui prennent en charge même les appareils avec des connexions Internet faibles.


Ce site de cinéma arabe gratuit est l’un des plus grands sites qui propose le plus grand nombre de films et de séries traduits, en plus du service de demande de traduction de films et de séries selon le désir du public. Il se caractérise par l’offre d’ un certain nombre de serveurs qui permettent au spectateur de choisir ce qu’il aime.

Ce qui le distingue, c’est le manque de publicités et de pop-ups, contrairement à la plupart des sites où chaque clic ouvre de nombreuses fenêtres et publicités ennuyeuses.


Critères qui distinguent les sites de films arabes gratuits les uns des autres :

  • Exactitude de la traduction et correction orthographique.
  • La traduction tient compte des différences sociales et religieuses entre les différentes cultures.
  • Fournissez des notes claires pour les films, en plus de placer le film dans plusieurs catégories.
  • Offrir la possibilité de regarder le film ou la série gratuitement sans aucun frais.
  • Tenir compte des notes des téléspectateurs et proposer les films et séries demandés par le public.
  • Fournir des serveurs alternatifs et variés qui permettent aux téléspectateurs de choisir ce qui leur convient le mieux
  • Minimisez les pop-ups et les publicités qui poussent les internautes à quitter le site.


Arabische Filme gibt es schon lange und haben weltweit Millionen von Zuschauern erreicht. In diesem Artikel helfen wir Ihnen, die besten kostenlosen arabischen Filmseiten zu finden, auf denen Sie Ihren Lieblingsfilm ansehen können.

Arabische Filme aus arabischsprachigen Ländern sind in der arabischen Welt sehr beliebt. Deshalb verdienen sie es, möglichst vielen Menschen zur Verfügung zu stehen und nicht nur denen, die die Mittel haben, sie zu mieten.

Eines der besten Dinge an diesen Websites ist, dass sie Filmtitel auf Englisch, Arabisch und mit arabischen Untertiteln anbieten.

Kostenlose arabische Filme werden auf verschiedenen Plattformen angeboten, die die Möglichkeit bieten, das Kino aus der arabischen Welt zu erkunden – einer Region, deren Filme seit Jahrhunderten gefeiert werden und an der Spitze einiger der innovativsten Regisseure von heute stehen.

Einige dieser Websites bieten einen Film pro Woche an, während andere möglicherweise jeden Tag einen einzelnen Film anbieten.

Online-Streaming-Dienste für kostenlose arabische Filme sind jetzt in großem Umfang verfügbar. Die Verfügbarkeit von Online-Streaming-Diensten hat zu einer Zunahme der Zahl der Menschen geführt, die arabische Filme ansehen. Diese Dienste sind besonders wichtig für Menschen, die nicht fließend Arabisch sprechen, da diese Seiten Untertitel in verschiedenen Sprachen anbieten, einschließlich Englisch und Portugiesisch.

Es gibt viele Websites, die Links zu kostenlosen arabischen Filmen anbieten. Im Folgenden sind einige der besten 10 kostenlosen arabischen Film-Websites für Leute, die gerne Filme in dieser Sprache sehen.

Top kostenlose arabische Film Websites


Es ist nicht möglich, über die besten kostenlosen arabischen Filmseiten zu sprechen, um arabische Filme ohne Netflix anzusehen, da es ohne Zweifel die berühmteste Seite der Welt ist. Das Unternehmen begann seine Arbeit mit dem Verkauf von CDs und expandierte dann, bis es die Bereitstellung von Sendungen über seine Website für übersetzte Filme, übersetzte Serien und Fernsehsendungen erreichte, und dann stiegen die Einnahmen des Unternehmens, um sich der Produktion von Filmen zuzuwenden. Ihre Filmproduktion übersteigt die Produktion von Unternehmen, die vor ihnen ihre Arbeit aufgenommen haben.


Trotz der großen Schwierigkeiten, die die Seite in den letzten Jahren hatte und deren Besitzer gezwungen waren, sie zu schließen, weil die Konten der Seite gestohlen wurden und gefälschte Kopien davon auftauchten, ist sie endlich mit der gleichen Stärke zurückgekehrt, mit der sie begonnen hat , was Tausende von Anhängern zurückbringt.

Diese kostenlose arabische Filmwebsite zeichnet sich durch ihre hohe Geschwindigkeit bei der Untertitelung von Filmen und deren Bereitstellung auf der Website aus und enthält neben multinationalen Serien innerhalb kurzer Zeit englische, arabische, türkische und koreanische Filme. Sie können sich vorstellen, dass eine Serie wie La Casa De PaPle auf Netflix gezeigt und direkt auf die Seite übertragen wurde, damit die Leute, die kein Netflix-Konto haben, sie ansehen können.


Diese kostenlose arabische Film-Website gewinnt den Titel des professionellsten Designs, sobald Sie mit der Maus über das Bild des Films fahren, zeigt es Ihnen seine Bewertung mit der Anzahl der Zuschauer und Downloads auf nette Weise und in angenehmen Farben.

Diese kostenlose arabische Film-Website zeichnet sich durch eine Vielzahl von Kategorien aus, aus denen Sie wählen können. Neben englischen, türkischen, arabischen und koreanischen Filmen und Serien gibt es eine Sektion für Animationsfilme und -serien, außerdem Dokumentationen, Free Wrestling und berühmte TV-Shows wie The Voice.


Für Fans indischer Filme und Serien kann diese Seite als Enzyklopädie indischer Shows bezeichnet werden, da sie mit professionellen Übersetzungen versehen ist und aufgrund der Vielfalt der Kategorien eine Gelegenheit bietet, etwas über die indische Zivilisation und die Unterschiede zwischen den Kulturen zu erfahren Filme und Serien erhältlich.

DarDarkom für kostenlose arabische Filme

Das ergonomische Design ist das, was Ihnen auf der Website abseits der Massen anderer Websites am meisten ins Auge fällt.
Diese kostenlose arabische Film-Website enthält viele Bewertungen, die Ihnen bei der Auswahl der gewünschten Film- oder Serienkategorie helfen, zusätzlich zu der Funktion, die Qualität auszuwählen, in der Sie Ihren Film ansehen möchten, um ihn an Ihre Internetgeschwindigkeit anzupassen.


Laut Aussage einiger Benutzer dieser kostenlosen arabischen Filmwebsite glauben sie, dass sie Filme anbietet, die auf anderen Websites nicht verfügbar sind, aber was die größte Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zieht, ist die Art und Weise, wie sie sich von anderen Websites unterscheidet.

Innerhalb der Kategorie Filme bietet Ihnen die Seite eine Liste der Filme und Serien, an denen gearbeitet wird und die in naher Zukunft im internationalen Kino gezeigt werden .



Diese Seite zeichnet sich durch ihr praktisches Design aus und bietet alte Filme in verschiedenen Sprachen, die Sie auf anderen Seiten möglicherweise nicht finden, arabische und indische Filme, Animationen und Wrestling-Shows.

Diese kostenlose arabische Film-Website ermöglicht es Ihnen, den Film in der Qualität anzusehen, die zu Ihrer Internetgeschwindigkeit passt , und bietet eine Unterteilung von Filmen und Serien nach Ländern.

Filme für dich

Das schwarze Design und die unterdimensionierten Filmsymbole trösten das Auge des Betrachters und beseitigen das Gefühl der Enge.
Diese Seite zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass sie Ihnen Filmklassifikationen nach Ihren Wünschen zur Verfügung stellt. Sie können die Klassifizierung nach Produktionsjahr, Genre oder Anzeigeformat wählen, und die Filme werden gemäß der Bewertung der Follower angezeigt, die die Website für den Film oder die Serie abonniert haben. Aber das auffälligste Merkmal dieser Website ist das Es bietet Ihnen einen kurzen Clip, der Ihnen die wichtigsten Ereignisse des Films zeigt, dh Filmtrailer, um zu entscheiden, ob Sie fortfahren oder anhalten und zu einem anderen Film wechseln möchten.


Stars Play bietet eine Vielzahl von untertitelten Filmen und Serien in HD- und 4K -Qualität, wie es beim Netflix-Dienst der Fall ist. Diese kostenlose arabische Filmwebsite stützt sich auf leistungsstarke Server, die sogar Geräte mit schwacher Internetverbindung unterstützen.


Diese kostenlose arabische Film-Website ist eine der größten Websites, die die größte Anzahl an übersetzten Filmen und Serien bietet, zusätzlich zu dem Service, eine Übersetzung von Filmen und Serien nach Wunsch der Öffentlichkeit anzufordern. Es zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass es eine Reihe von Servern anbietet, mit denen der Betrachter auswählen kann, was ihm gefällt.

Was es auszeichnet, ist das Fehlen von Anzeigen und Popups, im Gegensatz zu den meisten Websites, auf denen jeder Klick viele lästige Fenster und Anzeigen öffnet.


Kriterien, die die Websites für kostenlose arabische Filme voneinander unterscheiden:

  • Übersetzungsgenauigkeit und Rechtschreibkorrektheit.
  • Übersetzung berücksichtigt die sozialen und religiösen Unterschiede zwischen verschiedenen Kulturen.
  • Geben Sie klare Bewertungen für Filme, abgesehen davon, dass Sie den Film in mehr als eine Kategorie einordnen.
  • Bereitstellung der Möglichkeit, den Film oder die Serie kostenlos ohne Gebühren anzusehen.
  • Die Einschaltquoten der Zuschauer berücksichtigen und die Filme und Serien anbieten, die das Publikum wünscht.
  • Bereitstellung alternativer und verschiedener Server, mit denen die Zuschauer auswählen können, was ihnen am besten passt
  • Minimieren Sie Pop-ups und Anzeigen, die dazu führen, dass Besucher die Website verlassen.


Las películas árabes existen desde hace mucho tiempo y han llegado a millones de espectadores en todo el mundo. En este artículo, lo ayudaremos a encontrar los mejores sitios web gratuitos de películas árabes donde puede ver su película favorita.

Las películas árabes de países de habla árabe son muy populares en el mundo árabe. Es por eso que merecen estar disponibles para la mayor cantidad de personas posible y no solo para aquellos que tienen los medios para alquilarlos.

Una de las mejores cosas de estos sitios web es que ofrecen títulos de películas en inglés, árabe y con subtítulos en árabe.

Las películas árabes gratuitas se proporcionan en varias plataformas que ofrecen la oportunidad de explorar el cine procedente del mundo árabe, una región cuyas películas se han celebrado durante siglos, además de estar a la vanguardia de algunos de los directores más innovadores de la actualidad.

Algunos de estos sitios web ofrecen una película por semana, mientras que otros pueden ofrecer una sola película todos los días.

Los servicios de transmisión en línea de películas árabes gratuitas ahora están disponibles a gran escala. La disponibilidad de servicios de transmisión en línea ha llevado a un aumento en la cantidad de personas que miran películas árabes. Estos servicios son especialmente importantes para las personas que no dominan el árabe, ya que estos sitios ofrecen subtítulos en diferentes idiomas, incluidos inglés y portugués.

Hay muchos sitios web que ofrecen enlaces a películas árabes gratuitas. Los siguientes son algunos de los 10 mejores sitios web gratuitos de películas en árabe para las personas a las que les gusta ver películas en este idioma.

Los mejores sitios web gratuitos de películas árabes


No es posible hablar de los mejores sitios web gratuitos de películas árabes para ver películas árabes sin Netflix, ya que es el sitio más famoso del mundo sin duda. La empresa comenzó su labor de venta de CD, luego se expandió hasta llegar a la provisión de transmisiones a través de su sitio para películas traducidas, series traducidas y programas de televisión, y luego los ingresos de la empresa aumentaron para pasar a producir películas. Su producción de películas supera la producción de empresas que comenzaron a trabajar antes que ellos.


A pesar de las grandes dificultades que ha vivido el sitio en los últimos años y de que sus dueños se hayan visto obligados a cerrarlo por el robo de cuentas del sitio y la aparición de copias falsas del mismo, finalmente ha vuelto con la misma fuerza con la que empezó. , atrayendo a miles de seguidores de nuevo.

Este sitio web gratuito de películas árabes se caracteriza por su alta velocidad en subtitular películas y proporcionarlas en el sitio, y contiene películas en inglés, árabe, turco y coreano, además de series multinacionales en un corto período de su creación. Se puede imaginar que una serie como La Casa De PaPle se transmitió en Netflix y se transfirió directamente al sitio, para permitir que las personas que no tienen una cuenta de Netflix puedan verla.


Este sitio web gratuito de películas árabes gana el título del diseño más profesional, tan pronto como pasas el cursor sobre la imagen de la película, te muestra su calificación, con el número de espectadores y descargas de una manera agradable y colores cómodos.

Este sitio web gratuito de películas árabes se caracteriza por una variedad de categorías entre las que puede elegir. Además de películas y series en inglés, turco, árabe y coreano, hay una sección de películas y series de animación, además de documentales, lucha libre y programas de televisión famosos como The Voice.


Para los fanáticos de las películas y series indias, este sitio puede describirse como una enciclopedia de espectáculos indios, ya que cuenta con traducción profesional, y es una oportunidad para aprender sobre la civilización india y la diferencia de culturas debido a la variedad de categorías de Películas y series disponibles.

DarDarkom para películas árabes gratis

El diseño ergonómico es lo que más llama la atención en el sitio alejado de las multitudes de otros sitios.
Este sitio web gratuito de películas en árabe contiene muchas calificaciones que lo ayudan a elegir la categoría de película o serie que necesita, además de la función de elegir la calidad en la que desea ver su película para adaptarse a su velocidad de Internet.


Según el testimonio de varios usuarios de este sitio web gratuito de películas árabes, creen que ofrece películas que no están disponibles en otros sitios, pero lo que más llama la atención es la forma en que se distingue de otros sitios.

Dentro de la categoría de películas, el sitio te brinda una lista de las películas y series en las que se está trabajando y que se exhibirán en el cine internacional en un futuro cercano .



Este sitio se caracteriza por su diseño conveniente y ofrece películas antiguas en diferentes idiomas, que quizás no encuentre en otros sitios, películas árabes e indias, animaciones y espectáculos de lucha libre.

Este sitio web gratuito de películas en árabe le permite ver la película en la calidad que se adapte a su velocidad de Internet y ofrece divisiones de películas y series por país.

Películas para ti

El diseño negro y los íconos de películas de tamaño reducido reconfortan la vista del espectador y eliminan la sensación de aglomeración.

Este sitio se distingue por brindarle clasificaciones de películas que se adaptan a sus deseos. Puedes elegir la clasificación según el año de producción, el género o el formato de visualización, y las películas se muestran según la calificación de los seguidores suscritos al sitio para la película o serie. Pero lo más distintivo de este sitio es que le proporciona un breve clip que le muestra los eventos más importantes de la película, es decir, avances de la película, para que decida si desea continuar o detenerse y pasar a otra película.


Stars Play ofrece una variedad de películas y series subtituladas, en calidad HD y 4K , como es el caso del servicio de Netflix. Este sitio web gratuito de películas árabes se basa en servidores potentes que admiten incluso dispositivos con conexiones a Internet débiles.


Este sitio web gratuito de películas árabes es uno de los sitios más grandes que brinda la mayor cantidad de películas y series traducidas, además del servicio de solicitar una traducción de películas y series según el deseo del público. Se caracteriza por ofrecer una serie de servidores que permiten al espectador elegir lo que más le gusta de ellos.

Lo que lo distingue es la falta de anuncios y ventanas emergentes, a diferencia de la mayoría de los sitios donde cada clic abre muchas ventanas y anuncios molestos.


Criterios que distinguen cada sitio web gratuito de películas árabes del otro:

  • Precisión de traducción y corrección ortográfica.
  • La traducción tiene en cuenta las diferencias sociales y religiosas entre las distintas culturas.
  • Proporcione clasificaciones claras para las películas, además de colocar la película en más de una categoría.
  • Brindando la oportunidad de ver la película o serie de forma gratuita sin ningún tipo de cargo.
  • Teniendo en cuenta los ratings de los espectadores y ofreciendo las películas y series que la audiencia solicita.
  • Proporcionar servidores alternativos y variados que permitan a los espectadores elegir lo que más les convenga.
  • Minimice las ventanas emergentes y los anuncios que hacen que los espectadores abandonen el sitio.

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