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Top 9 Free Arabic movie websites in 2023

Arabic movies have been around for a long time and have reached millions of viewers worldwide. In this article, we will help you find the best free Arabic movie websites where you can watch your favorite movie.

Arabic movies from Arabic-speaking countries are very popular in the Arab world. This is why they deserve to be available to as many people as possible and not only those who have the means to rent them.

One of the best things about these websites is that they provide movie titles in English, Arabic and with Arabic subtitles.

Free Arabic movies are provided on various platforms that offer the chance to explore cinema coming from the Arab world – a region whose films have been celebrated for centuries as well as being at the forefront of some of today’s most innovative directors.

Some of these websites offer one movie per week, while others may provide a single movie every day.

Online streaming services for free Arabic movies are now available on a large scale. The availability of online streaming services has led to an increase in the number of people watching Arabic movies. These services are especially important for people who are not fluent in Arabic as these sites offer subtitles in different languages, including English and Portuguese.

There are many websites that provide links to free Arabic movies. The following are a few of the best 10 Free Arabic movie websites for people who like to watch movies in this language.

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Watch Arabic movies online for free

Watch free Arabic movies online without the need to pay for a subscription. In this article, you will read about the best free Arabic movie streaming websites where you can watch movies in Arabic for free.

When it comes to watching Arabic movies online, nothing can beat the experience of watching it in the original language. There is something about the sound of a language that makes the experience of watching a movie more immersive.

Where to watch Arabic movies online?

There are a few websites where you can find the largest collection of Arabic movies to watch online. Below are some of the best websites to watch Arabic movies without the need to sign up.

Top Free Arabic movie websites


Despite the great difficulties that the site has experienced in recent years and the owners of it being forced to close it because of the site’s accounts being stolen and the appearance of fake copies of it, it has finally returned with the same strength with which it started, bringing thousands of followers back to it.

This free Arabic movie website is characterized by its high speed in subtitling films and providing them on the site, and it contains English, Arabic, Turkish and Korean films, in addition to multinational series within a short period of its inception. You can imagine that a series such as La Casa De PaPle was shown on Netflix and transferred directly to the site, to allow the people who don’t have a Netflix account to watch it.


This free Arabic movie website wins the title of the most professional design, as soon as you hover over the image of the movie, it shows you its rating, with the number of viewers and downloads in a nice way and comfortable colors.

This free Arabic movie website is characterized by a variety of categories that you can choose from. In addition to English, Turkish, Arabic and Korean films and series, there is a section for animation films and series, in addition to documentaries, free wrestling, and famous TV shows such as The Voice.


For fans of Indian films and series, this site can be described as an encyclopedia of Indian shows, as it provides it with professional translation, and it is an opportunity to learn about Indian civilization and the difference in cultures due to the variety of categories of films and series available.


Comfortable design is what catches your eye the most on the site, away from the crowds of other sites.
This site contains many ratings that help you choose the category of the movie or series that you need, in addition to the feature of choosing the quality in which you want to watch your movie in proportion to your internet speed, in addition to free wrestling shows and the star library corner that contains information about stars who starred in international series and movies. What makes the site more desirable is the free direct download feature, not to mention the absence of annoying ads.


According to the testimony of a number of users of this site, they see that it provides films that are not available on other sites, but what draws the most attention to it is a corner in which it is unique from other sites, the section of the new Ramadan 2023 series, in addition to famous Arab and Egyptian TV shows.

Within the films section, the site gives you a list of the films and series that are being worked on and will be shown on international cinema screens in the near future.


This site is characterized by its convenient design, and it provides old movies in different languages, which you may not find on other sites, Arabic and Indian films, animations and wrestling shows.

This free Arabic movie website allows you to watch the movie in the quality that suits your internet speed, and provides divisions of movies and series by country.


The black design and undersized movie icons comfort the viewer’s eye and remove the feeling of crowding.
This site is distinguished by providing you with movie classifications to suit your desire. You can choose the classification according to the year of production, genre, or viewing format, and the films are shown according to the rating of the followers subscribed to the site for the movie or series.

But the most distinctive feature of this site is that it provides you with a short clip showing you the most important events of the movie, i.e. movie trailers, to decide if you want to continue or stop and move to another movie.


Stars Play offers a variety of subtitled movies and series, in HD and 4K quality, as is the case with the Netflix service. This free Arabic movie website relies on powerful servers that support even devices with weak internet connections.


This free Arabic movie website is one of the largest sites that provides the biggest number of translated movies and series, in addition to the service of requesting a translation of films and series according to the public’s desire. It is characterized by offering a number of servers that allow the viewer to choose what they like from them.

What distinguishes it is the lack of ads and pop-ups, unlike most sites where every click opens a lot of annoying windows and ads.


It is not possible to talk about the best free Arabic movie websites to watch Arabic movies without Netflix, as it is the most famous site in the world without a doubt. The company started its work to sell CDs, and then expanded until it reached the provision of broadcasts through its site for translated films, translated series, and TV shows, and then the company’s revenues increased to move towards producing movies. Their production of films exceeds the production of companies that started working before them.


Criteria that distinguish each free Arabic movie websites from the other:

  • Translation accuracy and spelling correctness.
  • Translation takes into account the social and religious differences between different cultures.
  • Provide clear ratings for movies, apart from placing the movie in more than one category.
  • Providing the opportunity to watch the movie or series for free without any fees.
  • Considering the viewers’ ratings and offering the movies and series that the audience request.
  • Providing alternative and various servers that allow the viewers to choose what suits them best
  • Minimize pop-ups and ads that cause viewers to leave the site.