Are you looking for a translation company in Palestine?

If you are looking for a translation company in Palestine, you do not have to worry anymore. At Tanweir for Translation Services, you will get the best quality translation services. We consider the details of the original text that you want to translate at an affordable price that satisfies you. Our services are not limited to translation, we provide other services such as text editing, proofreading, interpretation, content writing, and video subtitling.


About us – The best translation company in Palestine

Tanweir for Translation Services is a translation company in Palestine, that is based in Huwwara, Nablus. We are a Palestinian company licensed under the Ministry of National Economy. We provide in-house and online services that cover all the country’s territories.

The idea of ​​establishing the company started in 2016 when we developed a plan to make our translation company one of the leading providers of translation, language, and writing services at the national level. The company’s dream comes true in 2017 and began to provide distinguished, high-quality services that meet the needs of various sectors.

Tanweir for Translation Services is considered one of the unique companies in Palestine that provide comprehensive and integrated services in the field of translation between different languages.

We provide the following  translation services in Palestine / West Bank:

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of meetings, conferences, seminars, field visits, and others.
  • Written translation services include the translation of articles, research, books, novels, reports, brochures, and other types of written texts.
  • Video transcription and subtitling- video translation.
  • Audio transcription, translation, and voice-over.
  • Legal translation.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Search-engine-optimized content writing for blogs and websites.


The areas we cover in our translation Services in Palestine

Translation office in Nablus

Our main office is in Huwwara Main Street in Nablus, we offer the best in-house services throughout the week.

Translation office in Ramallah

Our company provides high-quality translation services in Ramallah that meets the needs of individuals, private and governmental institutions as we provide translation services between English, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish and other languages.

Translation office in Jerusalem

Our company in Jerusalem provides various translation services between Arabic, English and Hebrew French, Spanish, Italian, including legal translation, translation of books, research, articles, and video translation.

Translation office in Hebron

Our company provides comprehensive and diverse translation services to our people in the city of Hebron, whether the translation is legal, academic, or media, the quality of our work is guaranteed. You can contact us online, and you get your translation with no effort.

Translation office in Bethlehem

Our services reach you wherever you are and save you the trouble of going back and forth. In addition, the payment method is easy, convenient, and completely online. Our translation services include translation of books, research papers, articles, documents, and video, in addition to our interpretation services.

Translation office in Jenin

Tanweir for Translation Services in Jenin provides high-quality and professional translation services for individuals and organizations. Our services in Jenin are completely online since our headquarter is in Nablus. You can easily contact us and provide us with the text to be translated and you will get an instant price quote.


Our business standards and process of translation in Palestine:

We are committed to the international quality standards ISO 17100/2015, Tanweir for Translation, which is a translation company in Palestine, follows the following steps in the translation:

  • Reading the text and understanding it well.
  • Translating it accurately and professionally.
  • The translation is proofread by another translator and edited if necessary.
  • QA check.
  • Delivering the work to the client at the agreed-upon time.
  • We, at Tanweir for Translation Services, do not rely on machine translation our work is done by professional human translators and linguists. We are committed to confidentiality and privacy in all our projects.


Our Team:

Tanweir’s team includes a number of experienced and competent translators who translate to their native languages. ​​Each linguist undergoes several tests before they start working with us.

In addition to the translators, we have a team of editors and proofreaders who are proficient in the languages ​​in which they work. They edit the texts and ensure that they avoid any linguistic and grammatical errors.


The prices of our translation services in Palestine:

You do not have to worry about the cost of our services as we offer competitive prices. Contact us and get a price quote which is determined based on the word count, specialty, difficulty level, and size of the text to be translated.


No need for an in-advance payment. We ask you to pay after you get your translation and check its quality.


Payment methods for our translation services in Palestine

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Wired bank transfer
  • Visa/ Master Card
  • Cheques


 The best Translation Services in Ramallah, Palestine

Welcome to Tanwier for Translation Services. We are glad to provide our translation services in Ramallah and other cities in the West Bank.


Tanwier | Translation Company in Ramallah

We provide high-level professional translation services in Ramallah and other cities. We offer services such as Arabization, localization, subtitling, transcription, proofreading, editing, and content writing.

Our translation company in Ramallah is virtual, as our main headquarter is in Nablus. But we provide high-level quality language services that meet the needs of different sectors, such as governments, non-profit organizations, and private sectors. Tanwier offers accurate and reliable language services in most fields that individuals or institutions may require.

If you are looking for fast performance and professional work, Tanwier translation office in Ramallah will be your main destination. With our professional and distinctive team, we guarantee you the quality of our output.

The translation services in Ramallah and our services, in general, are characterized by rapid performance and high professionalism at work. Where we take several steps to ensure the perfect work, starting with the implementation phase, then the review and audit phase, the quality testing phase has been completed.


As your convenience is important to us, we welcome our customers, whether they choose to contact us online or by visiting our office in Huwwara-Nablus. Payment methods are easy and available from anywhere, so we save you the trouble of coming and going.


Prices of translation services in Ramallah

Our prices are among the best at the level of local and international translation companies compared to the quality we offer, and payment methods are available through various channels such as Visa & Master bank cards, direct bank transfer, PayPal. Payment is made after receiving the service as you wish to the fullest.


Translation office in Ramallah

You can visit our office located in Huwwara – Nablus, or you can contact us online to provide you with our translation services in Palestine without the hassle of travel and transportation, and we strive to leave the best impression in your mind about our services by adhering to the utmost confidentiality and privacy of our customer’s data and files.


Our standards and our team for translation services in Ramallah

Our services 100% depend on humans, moving away from machine translation that causes many errors, and our team includes a group of highly qualified and experienced linguists and translators.

In the translation company in Ramallah, we follow a number of steps to ensure that you get the best services. We start with an in-depth look at the material to be translated, then we translate it with the initial proofreading by the translator himself, followed by editing, proofreading by another linguist and making sure of the appropriateness of the terminology, and finally, we deliver the service to you on time.

In our work, we adhere to the international translation standards set by the International Quality Foundation ISO 17100/2015.


Types of proofreading and translation services in Ramallah

The forms and purposes of the translation and proofreading services that we provide at Tanweir vary, including the translation of books, novels, articles, annual reports, research, articles of association, etc., in addition to video translation with time-coding, translation of audio clips, and proofreading of research, books and articles.


Video translation in Ramallah

Our services include subtitling of video and audio clips through advanced software, and voiceovers from translators and commentators who are native in the translated language.

The Arabic, Hebrew, English, Turkish, French and Spanish languages ​​are the most prominent areas of our work, in addition to other languages ​​that you can inquire about by contacting us.

Our linguists are specialized in many fields such as medical, legal, economic, academic, curriculum, technical translation and others.

And because we are distinguished, we offer you, in addition to translation and proofreading services, the service of content writing for blogs and websites.


Payment methods for our translation services in Ramallah

Online Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer

Any bank card that supports online purchases (Visa / Master)


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