Certificate translation from English to Arabic


Overview: Certificate/ transcript translation from English into Arabic

The idea of ​​studying in a foreign country for various educational levels has spread recently, and many students are heading abroad with the aim of obtaining certificates, gaining experience, and living distinctive experiences that give them a valuable advantage on the personal, professional, and academic levels. These students, who wish to study abroad, go through a set of stages and work to meet a set of requirements that qualify them to obtain the opportunity to study abroad.

 Certainly, the application for these opportunities is in Arabic or in the language of the country in which they will be studying, so they must work to translate the school or university certificates into the language in which they are required to be submitted. We can be certain that this stage of obtaining the translation of the school or university certificate is one of the most difficult stages that creates a state of tension and anxiety among students due to the many problems and mistakes that translators may make, which would negatively affect the possibility of obtaining the opportunity to study abroad.

 Therefore, many of them are working hard in searching for and finding the best agency that provides them with the best service of translating school and university certificates from English to Arabic for example. So, dear reader, let us highlight to you a set of important issues related to providing the best quality translation of school certificates and the translation of university certificates.

The importance of certificate translation from English into Arabic

The aspect of language proficiency and maintaining high quality in submitting study papers abroad is the cornerstone, and one of the most important criteria by which the study application is evaluated and then approved or rejected. Hence, we emphasize that the school certificate or the university certificate translation in a high and advanced manner is no less important than the rest of the required documents and papers.

 It can even be said that it is the winning or losing card through which the academic application is judged and considered, and the importance of providing certificate translation service stems from Schools and universities at the highest level for the following reasons:


  • Many students faced the problem in the transcript/ certificate translation from English to Arabic, which caused them to lose the opportunity to study abroad. One of the most important and most common of these errors is the ones that appear in translating the name of the applicant, and its different writings between the various official documents submitted. Here, we draw your attention, dear reader, to the necessity of finding a translation company that is sufficiently aware of these errors, and work to avoid committing them.
  • English to Arabic certificate translation requires the use of accurate terms and words that express the content of these documents correctly. For instance, understanding the course, and understanding the nature of its content so that its title is translated correctly and understood by speakers of the language to which it is translated.
  • The translation of educational documents (school transcript translation from Arabic to English, university certificate translation from Arabic to English) is characterized by the necessity of its adherence to the official character in terms of content, language, and form, and here stems the importance of the service of translating school and university certificates through which these documents are translated but using official words and terms that are compatible with the goal it aims at.


Why do you need the certificate translation from Arabic into English?

Obtaining an advanced certificate translation from Arabic to English will enable you to enjoy the following set of benefits:

  • Prove your eligibility and entitlement to have the opportunity to study in the country you desire, and your eligibility to compete for the available seats. The correct translation of your academic documents is the biggest evidence of your awareness and understanding of the requirements of this language.
  • Confirm the correctness of the information contained in your school or university certificate. Such matters that are related to language accuracy, and correct names’ translation of educational courses are important criteria in evaluating your application to study abroad.
  • It increases your opportunity to study abroad and increases your chances of being accepted by universities. As we previously mentioned, the correct and accurate translation of academic documents would give an official character to your application, and prove your mastery and proficiency in the language of that country.

Standards related the English to Arabic certificate translation/transcript translation

After you have seen the importance of the field of certificates translation from Arabic into English, you are now more aware that this field is far from random or unstudied translation. Any slight change to any word or axis in this document would lead to upsets of the scales and could lead to your losing the opportunity to study abroad. Therefore, a set of foundations and standards are there to govern and organize the translation of these documents, and they can be summarized as follows:

  • Using formal terms and expressions appropriately, clearly, and adequately for the content of the school certificate, university degree, and ensuring that the translation does not contain any words or terms that might detract from the translated document.
  • Commitment to high accuracy in the transfer and translation of names, numbers, dates, personal information, and contact information of the certificate holder, because any defect in any of this information may lead to lose communication with the applicant, or affect the completion of some application procedures that require standardization information between different documents.
  • Taking into account that the translated version of the university certificate or the school certificate contains the most important items required by educational institutions in the countries in which the study is desired, here the translator is responsible for educating and adequately understanding the requirements of translated documents in different countries, and working to ensure their inclusion and addition to the translated version of the document.
  • Accuracy in delivery times, you may be surprised to include this item among the important foundations on which the translation of school and university certificates from English into Arabic is based. However, given the great importance of time in this field, the issue of providing translation on time is considered an important criterion in judging the quality of the translation service provided, and because any delay in delivering the document would delay the applicant in submitting his papers and this may contribute to losing the opportunity to study abroad.

Our English to Arabic certificate translation / English to Arabic transcript translation services

We, at Tanweir for Translation Services, offer you the service of certificates translation from English into Arabic and certificates translation from Arabic into English. These services are provided with high accuracy, record time, and competitive prices, by professional, specialized, experienced, and native translators in translation from and to their original languages, which enables them to know the most important items that must be included, the translated version to be submitted to the state educational institutions, in addition to their use of the best and most modern translation methods and based on internationally approved dictionaries with the commitment of the work team to the agreed delivery dates.

We stress our adherence to the standards of accreditation ISO 17100/2015, which was prepared by the International Standards Organization ISO to provide high-quality translation services, with the commitment of teamwork to the agreed delivery dates.

When you deal with us in the field of English to Arabic or Arabic to English certificate translation, the translation process takes place through several stages:

  1. Examining the certificates and reading them carefully.
  2. Translating with high accuracy and efficiency by experienced and competent translators.
  3. Reviewing and editing if necessary.
  4. Final proofreading and making sure that it is free of linguistic errors and conforms to the original version.
  5. Delivery of the translation at the agreed time.

Knowing that the company does not follow the machine translation system, which may cause mistakes in many cases, with our commitment to the utmost confidentiality and privacy for customers to ensure the provision of the best services to you, we offer our services in languages ​​(Arabic, English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and Turkish ) in addition to a number of other languages.

Contact us directly to enjoy the best offers we offer you by leaving a message or a phone number and we will contact you within 24 hours, knowing that you can recover the amount paid if our translation services do not satisfy you.

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