How To Click Faster While Playing Games

Do you want to increase your click speed while playing games? If yes, then in this post we will show you what you can do to increase your clicks speed to win games. 


If you are a gamer, you should know the importance of click speed. Let’s discuss how to increase click speed.


Practice Your Clicking Skills:

If you are a new gamer you need to pay attention to practice. If you don’t have good clicking skills then practice on an online cps counter tool to increase your click per second. You can also try clicking techniques like Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking and Drag clicking. These skills involve rapid finger muscle spasms to click faster


Use Mouse Not Laptop TrackPad:

If you use a laptop for playing games then use a gaming mouse instead of laptop trackpad. Laptop trackpad is not easy to use as compared to mouse. The gaming mouse has a good design and a quick response that is specifically made for playing games. Some excellent gaming mouse brands are Razer, Logitech, Cyborg, Mad Catz, Steel Series, and others.

Operate with Your Keyboard:

Your mouse is not the only device you may use to control games when playing them on a PC. You can carry out various tasks with the keys on your keyboard as well. In order to click more quickly, you should be aware of the game’s rules before starting.

Place Your Hand and Fingers at the Proper Location:

How can click speed be increased? Other crucial factors include how your hand and fingers are positioned. The following are some things to be aware of:


  • Maintain your fingers close to the mouse. neither near the mouse nor far from the mouse. This can lessen the chance of an error occurring and a delay.
  • Keep your grip on the mouse loose. This will be helpful in increasing click speed.


  • Avoid multitasking while playing games, such as using the mouse to scroll, drinking, or eating.

Make sure your hand is properly positioned:

When you’re ready to use the mouse, place your pointer finger on the left (or right) mouse clicker. Either a steep incline or a straight upward and downward slope should be used. Avoid keeping your finger on the mouse between clicks or removing it from it for an extended period of time.

When clicking, exercise caution. The mouse may move out of position if you touch on it too firmly. You can also observe a slowdown in the pace of your clicks.



When playing games, you should have these points in mind. To click quickly when playing games, remember the aforementioned instructions. You should employ the Jitter clicking and Butterfly clicking methods. Use online cps tester tools and practice clicking daily. These tools are very helpful to increase clicks per second. Both of these abilities require quick finger muscle contractions to click more quickly. You can look for these kinds of training videos online to learn these topics.