Marriage contract translation Arabic to English and vice versa


With the widespread idea of immigration, travel to stay in foreign states, marriage contract translation from Arabic to English or vice versa has become a necessary requirement and even an important condition for travel, and has become a requirement of residence in these states, and sometimes also a requirement of obtaining citizenship. Those wanting to travel abroad begin to prepare documents that facilitate their travel procedures, and those wanting start to search for offices and companies’ translation, that provide them with an accurate and reliable marriage certificate translation, many of whom are in the process of dealing with untrustworthy actors and companies who do not have sufficient and full knowledge of the conditions and principles for translating marriage contracts. When translating a marriage certificate document, the translator must investigate the absolute accuracy of the words, the terminology, the method, and the way of translation he adopts to avoid linguistic errors. And because of the great importance of this kind of translation, we dedicated this article to you, dear reader, to answer all the questions that you have about translating marriage contracts and go on with us!

Concept of marriage certificate translation

First, a legal contract is defined as a legitimate agreement between two parties that has the effect of benefiting them, to require an exchange of profit. A marriage contract is one of the most widely used forms of contract and has different State-to-State conditions.

Regarding the concept of the marriage contracts translation, it means that the text of the marriage contract is to be translated from the original language into the target language. Once it had been translated, it must be carefully reviewed to ensure its conformity with the original version. The translation must also consider the requirements and conditions of the target language. Each state is different and may require specific and precise criteria that must be fully met, since such criteria and requirements may depend on whether to accept a request for travel, residence, or other objectives.

Where can I find marriage contract translation English to Arabic services?

Many who want to travel and stay abroad have difficulty identifying who is responsible for translating their marriage contract, even lack knowledge of the bases and criteria for translating the marriage from Arabic to English, and many believe they must obtain a translation of a marriage contract from the Ministry of Justice only.

But it’s very different. Many licensed translation companies work to translate marriage contracts from Arabic to English professionally to provide you with the translation approved by the legal authorities, so it’s easier now to get marriage contracts translated from English to Arabic than they used to be.

In addition, by dealing with specialist translation companies, you will be able to enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Your access to professional translation services takes care to translate the information, names, figures, dates, and details of the contract without error.
  • The translation companies offer you the possibility of obtaining translation services in several languages of the same quality and cost, which are approved by the authorities.
  • When dealing with a company for a marriage contract translation from Arabic to English, the company shall observe the translation criteria for such contracts and documents, the requirements of the State into whose language translation takes place, and the information that must be contained in the marriage contract.
  • You’ll be able to save your time, and you’ll get a professional marriage certificate translation from English to Arabic.

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How are marriage contracts translated from Arabic to English?

There are a set of criteria and bases that each translator must follow and ensure when translating a marriage contract between English and Arabic, which will determine the acceptance or rejection of this document, including:

  • The transfer and accurate translation of dates, figures, information, and essential elements of the contract.
  • Ensure spouse names are consistently included in all official documents and ask clients in advance to write their names correctly as shown in passports.
  • Consider the criteria and requirements of the State to travel to in terms of what the text of the marriage contract should contain and ensure its inclusion, to ensure the adoption of the translation of the marriage contract.


How Do You Get a Professional Arabic to English  Marriage Translation Service?

One of the most serious questions and concerns facing those wanting to travel is how they can get professional translation services and avoid cheating, manipulating, and dealing with unapproved translation companies. There is a range of things that, if considered in your company selection, you can get a professional marriage contract translation, including:


  • Search for certified and licensed translation companies. This can be checked by visiting the company’s website. Take into consideration to ask if the company has previous work in the field of Arabic to English marriage certificate translation.
  • Ensure that the company provides English to Arabic marriage contract translation service by professional native translators, specialists.
  • Choose the company that its work and translation comply with international standards.
  • See user and customer reviews on the company’s website and social media accounts.


We at Tanweir Translation for Services offer marriage contracts translation from Arabic to English with high accuracy and on time. Our prices are competitive. Our team includes professional translators, specialists, experienced and native in the translation between English and Arabic. Our services conform to the ISO 17100/2015 standards presented by the International Standards Organization to provide high-quality translation services.

When dealing with the translation of marriage contracts, the translation process is done through a series of phases:

  • Reading the marriage contract.
  • Translating it with high accuracy and efficiency by experienced and competent translators.
  • It is linguistically checked, compared to the original, and reviewed carefully.
  • Delivering the translation to you at the agreed time.

We don’t rely on the automated translation system that can cause mistakes in many cases, we are committed to maximum confidentiality and privacy for customers to ensure that you are best served, and we provide services in languages (Arabic, English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Turkish) as well as in several other languages.

Contact us directly to enjoy the best offers by leaving a message or your phone number, and we will contact you ASAP.

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