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Tanweir for Translation Services- Our English to Arabic book translation services


We, at Tanweir for Translation Services, provide a professional, high-level English to Arabic book translation by professional translators and specialists, with extensive knowledge and experience, using the best and most modern internationally accredited dictionaries, lexicons, tools.  we also emphasize the conformity of our services with the ISO 17100/2015 accreditation standards set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to offer high-quality translation services. we also emphasize the commitment to deadlines agreed upon.

Overview, Book translation from Englis into Arabic

Who hasn’t ever read a global book or a novel translated from English? We have all heard of global literature, novels, drama, and scientific books translated from English into Arabic. What is interesting is that reading such books or literature makes the readers open to new cultures, sciences, and ideas different from what is circulated and known in Arabic literature.  Moreover, it expands readers’ knowledge and culture. However, this kind of book translation from English to Arabic requires a translator a great and vast skills, abilities, and experience to be able to provide an excellent book translation that strongly equals the well-knitted plot, the consistent ideas, and the language of the original book. Hence, we deduce the importance and the accuracy of the field of books translation between Arabic and English, and how it is important for translation to be based on sound and proper foundations contribute in presenting a valuable translated book that readers wish to acquire and dive into its knowledge. Thus, we have gathered everything you need to know about the service of book translation from English to Arabic and vice versa. Read more for details.


Is book translation from English into Arabic a big responsibility?!

As we have said, English to Arabic book translation conveys cultures, ideas, creativity among different nations. This makes the responsibility of each translator of providing a valuable translation, with the highest quality neither easy nor simple, since the translation offered would raise or eliminate the book’s evaluation and rating to the most level. As a result, a translator should adhere to the proper bases for the translation of books and the translation of novels in order to avoid the following consequences:

  • Providing poor English into Arabic book translation that undervalues the translated novels and books and does not express their ideas in an appropriate way that makes a reader feels like a part of the story with thoughts and the plot, just as the original writer wants them to be conveyed.
  • Causing a reader’s boredom with the book or novel read. What makes readers feel dull with a book or novel is to provide a bad and inconsistent translation that kills readers’ curiosity and desire to learn about upcoming events and does not contribute to conveying events smoothly and pleasantly.
  • Damaging the original writer’s reputation. Many readers who go for translated books or novels do so out of their limited and inadequate capacity to read books or novels in their mother tongue. Therefore, they will judge the translated books instead of reading the original book to ascertain the quality and value of the book. If the translation is poor and weak, it will lead to negative assessments, even if the original book or novel was better, more valuable, more interesting, and more influential.


How to get English to Arabic book translation services at the highest level?

If you have reached this part of the article, surely, you are looking for an English to Arabic book translation service, and you certainly want to get high-quality services. well, here you find some points and things to consider when looking for book translation services:

  • Always look for translation companies that provide you with high-quality services through book-domain-specialist translators with past experience in the field.
  • Ask for an initial sample of the translation before following up with the full translation. this will help you assess the quality of the translation they provide and make sure it’s appropriate, as well as be able to save time, effort, and sometimes money, in case their translation services don’t suit you.
  • Make sure the company checks the translation more than once by various translators, multiple teams of editors, to make sure it’s clear that there’s no error.
  • Always remember to make sure that the translation company does not use machine translation as it leads to many mistakes, but rather uses a manual translation system at hands of skilled specialists.


Things translators should take into consideration when translating book from English to Arabic

There are a lot of things, and important issues translators must consider when translating books from English to Arabic, which will enable them to present integrated and comprehensive translated literature free of errors and flaws including:

  • Translators should assess their skills and abilities before starting to translate any book or novel. This process must be objective. In other words, they must decide whether they will provide good translation levels and contributes to properly conveying ideas, to the same level of the book will be translated.
  • Translators must carefully read a book or novel, dive into their ideas, explore their direct and indirect meanings, arrange & summarize them, imagine the structure and the literary and dramatic sequence on which the plot will be built. Sometimes a translator may have to read books or novels for more than one time to reach a deep and adequate understanding.
  • Translators must be versed in the field of the novel or book and possess a large lexical competence of English and Arabic on the subjects of books and novels.
  • Translators must take into account the different cultures and mentalities of the audience they are talking to. Some expressions and terms used in the source language may not be appropriate for, understandable to, or familiar to the target audience. Thus, the translator has one of two choices. Either he adopts the ideas and meanings with the target audience or explains the odd ideas or expressions using footnotes, for example, which you might have come across while reading translated works.


English to Arabic Book Translation Process at Tanweir

  • Preparing a specialist glossary for the book terminology.
  • Initial translation of the text.
  • Proofreading of its terminology by the first translator, and revision upon completion.
  •  Cross-checking translation by another translator.
  • Specialized revision to ensure that translation is appropriate for the required service.
  • Final language check- proofreading.
  • Delivering the translation to the customer at the agreed time
  • We do not use machine translation, which might cause errors in many cases.
  • Feel free to contact us directly to get the best services we offer by leaving a message or email.  We will contact you ASAP.
  •  You do not need to make a payment in advance! if our translation services did not meet your goals you do not need to pay! This is our guarantee.

Payment methods for our English into Arabic book translation services:
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
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