Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female 2022

When we think of the World Cup, images of passionate fans screaming their team on and players fighting to win come to mind. This year’s World Cup is hosted by Qatar, an Arab country. As some of you might know, Arab countries have different cultures from European or other countries around the world. They have different kinds of food, beliefs, customs, and dress code for male and female. Therefore, did you know that there is also a Qatar dress code for male and female, who desire to attend or watch the World Cup in Qatar 2022? There is a Qatar dress code for male and female attending the World Cup games in Doha because Qatar is considered a Muslim and traditional country that sticks to its beliefs, which all people shall respect since they are hosting this year’s world cup. Therefore, if you have plans to watch the World Cup in Doha, read this article to know about the Qatar dress code for male and female.

What is Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female 2022?

There are two kinds of Qatar dress code for male and female who are attending football matches: the normal Qatar dress code and the formal Qatar dress code for male and female.

Normal Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female 

The normal Qatar dress code for male and female is suitable for people who would be comfortable wearing daily clothes.

Normal Qatar Dress Code for Male

The normal Qatar dress code is casual attire where male can wear jeans, long shorts, cap-sleeve t-shirts, and long-sleeved t-shirts. In addition, Males’ shorts must be long enough to cover the knee when sitting down, and there should be no slits on the sides or back.

Normal Qatar Dress Code for Female

The normal Qatar dress code for females is wearing casual attire to attend football matches. Female can wear long pants (not jeans), shirts with long sleeves (no cap sleeves), and long dresses. If you want to wear jeans, they must not be fitted because it is considered to be provocative. If you want to wear a cap-sleeve t-shirt, it must be loose-fitting.

Formal Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female

Formal Qatar Dress Code for Male

The formal Qatar dress code for males is wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Slacks and dress shoes are also essential. You can wear a sports coat or blazer, but it must be long enough to cover your backside. Also, you will see that men in Qatar wear a special kind of men’s abayas, so you could buy and wear one so that you would be dressing according to the Qatar dress code for male.

Formal Qatar Dress Code for Female

The formal Qatar dress code for females is wearing an abaya (long coat) and covering their heads with a hijab. The abaya should cover your entire body, including your feet. It can be black, dark blue, brown, green, or any other dark color. Avoid wearing red, orange, yellow, and pink because it is considered to be provocative. However, visitors do not need to wear an abaya as the Qatar dress code for female. If you would like to buy an abaya to share the Qatari people’s experience of wearing it, you can read our article on places to get abayas in Qatar, in which you will be trying something new and you would be respected, because you are wearing according to the Qatar dress code for male and female.

Qatar’s Traditional Clothes for Male and Female

Since we are talking about Qatar dress code for male and female, it is important to give you a quick look into Qatar’s traditional clothes for male and female. Qatar’s traditional clothes for male and female plays an important role in preserving Qatari heritage. It serves as an official tool to distinguish between the various Arab Gulf countries. It is a special way that an individual can be distinguished whether he is a Qatari, Emirati, or Saudi. It is a piece of art that has been moving from one generation into another.

Qatar’s Traditional Clothes for Male

Qatar's Traditional clothes

Qatar’s Traditional clothes

Qatar’s traditional clothes are divided into many parts, the most important are as you will read in the following paragraphs.

Headband: Qatar’s Traditional Clothes for Male

The headband is a set of threads made of multi-colored wool material that is twisted in a circle form and placed on the head. Headband is one of the most important dress supplements for all men in Qatar , because Qatari headband is the most distinctive headband in the Gulf region. This is because we find a Qatari headband with two threads lowered on the back. To be more specific, in the description of the headband, we find that it is a band in a round shape and it is in double shape. The headband is black, which belongs to the color of the black threads from which the drawstring is argued. At the end of the headband is a group of long black threads that we usually find are placed in the back, which increases the beauty and decorations on the headband as well as on the Qatari dress in general. At national holidays, events, and celebrations, Qataris dresses in their traditional clothes to take the finest pictures.

Thobe: Qatar’s Traditional Clothes for Male

It is a long coat that is worn on top of the garment. It is an ancient heritage in the Gulf region that dates back to the 1960s, but over time it has entered into a few modifications for the Qatari people. Thobe is made of cotton fabric as well as wool. It is the uniform of the Qataris at events, joys, and national holidays of the country.

Qatar’s Traditional Clothes for Female

Abaya: Qatar’s Traditional Clothes for Female

If you would like to make sure you follow the Qatar dress code for male and female, you can try wearing traditional clothes for female. Qatari traditional clothes for female are silk abayas with light embroidery or beads in very thin shapes. It is a piece of cloth that is inscribed and sometimes master and is embroidered from the pocket as well as sleeves. The Qatari abaya is characterized by its black color as well as the length of the garment and its characterization with long sleeves and large amplitude so that it is remarkably loose. As the age progressed and the dress evolved, some changes to the Qatari abaya came in, but it never changes in its essence.

Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female When Entering Mosques

Since you are going to Qatar, you will find that a lot of the beautiful artistic buildings are mosques, therefore, you may be curious to visit one of the mosques. As a result, it is important to understand the Qatar dress code for male and female when entering Mosques.

  • A modesty dress code for both male and female is required. A modesty dress code means wearing loose-fitting clothing that covers the arms and legs which means no shorts or sleeveless shirts for either gender.
  • Scarves for females may be needed. Not all mosques will ask female visitors to cover their heads, but it’s a sign of respect to have one ready. (But if you forget a scarf, don’t worry. Most mosques have extra).
  • Makeup is OK.
  • Kids can wear whatever they want.
  • Clean socks or stockings are needed because you’ll be asked to remove your shoes before you enter the prayer area. (Many mosques have a room/shoe rack just off the entrance where you can safely store your shoes and other personal belongings).
  • Offensive Slogan T-shirts are unacceptable. Qatar has diplomatic issues with the neighboring country, so the government does not allow anyone to wear shirts with the UAE logo.


Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female in Beaches and Hotels

Different places have different rules in Qatar. Therefore, if you are on a private beach or in your hotel, the Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female becomes anything you like! Bikinis, swimsuits, long or tall shorts, skirts, etc. are all acceptable. However, the only Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female in hotels that in some other countries is not allowed, is wearing nothing on the top part of the body since some countries allow this on beaches.


Consequences of Not Following Qatar Dress Code for Male and Female

If you do not follow Qatar dress code for male and female of the the penal code in Qatar, which punishes and forbids the wearing of revealing or indecent clothes. This dressing-code law is enforced by a government body. Not following the Qatar dress code for a male and female could lead to penalties or being jail.


The Qatar World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. More than 2,000,000 fans are expected to visit Qatar during the tournament, and a majority of them will be attending matches in Doha. If you have plans of visiting Doha during the World Cup, make sure you know the Qatar dress code for male and female so you don’t get in trouble with security.

When you are visiting a new place, it’s always good to be informed about the culture and traditions of the people who live there. The same rule applies when you are attending the World Cup in Doha. Therefore, make sure you fully understand Qatar dress code for Male and Female so you don’t get in trouble with security. You can also check our website to know more helpful information about Qatar in our articles about Black Friday Deals in Qatar on Travel 2022,  10 best places to eat in Qatar. Qatari dishes and Souvenir shops in Qatar.


Top 6 Places to buy Abayas in Qatar!

Abayas are something that a lot of women in the world can agree are a very necessary part of their wardrobe. Whether you are an Arab or not if you need one for work, school, or simply for your peace of mind. There are many reasons why an abaya is something you should consider owning. If you are traveling to Qatar for World Cup, it is a country that is known for its fine abayas, which could be purchased as a souvenir. However, some people know nothing about Abayas. Others do not know where or which top 6 places to get Abayas in Qatar. Therefore, if you’re thinking about buying an abaya or are interested in purchasing one, then this post is for you! Here we will be going over some general information about abayas. In addition, we saved you the effort of searching for places to get Abayas in Qatar. We will provide you with the top 6 places to get Abayas in Qatar. Keep reading to learn more!

What is an Abaya? 

First, we will start by defining what an abaya is because, contrary to popular belief, it is not a style of dress. Abaya means “covering” in Arabic and is a traditional, modest form of dress worn by many Muslim women. The abaya is a long, loose, black robe that is worn over modest clothing like a hijab. The abaya is meant to cover the entire body, including the hands, feet, and legs. Though abayas are meant to be worn as a whole, you can purchase them in pieces such as the scarf, face cover, and even the whole abaya.

Top 6 Places to Get Abayas in Qatar

In the following, we will specifically mention the top 6 places to get Abayas in Qatar and where to find them.

Al Motahajiba to buy Abayas in Qatar

This place is one of the best places to get Abayas in Qatar and is considered a high-end and luxurious brand for abayas, Jalabies, and accessories. The label offers designs inspired by the area’s traditional heritage and saturated with modern style. The veiled woman mimics the elegant and upscale Arab woman, and their phrases are characterized by distinctive methods and innovative stories that allow the wearer to express her identity. Follow all its new releases via its Instagram account (@almotahajibaqa) or on the label’s website (

Dary plans to buy Abayas in Doha

Brand Dare Bags offers high-quality designs. Multiple patterns and colors characterize this oriental clothing, which mimics each Arab woman’s style. All of these benefits are why this store was named one of the top six places to buy Abayas in Doha.Discover all of its new releases on Instagram at (@daryabayas) or visit the label store to get abayas in Doha at Ezdan Mall, Hayat Plaza, or Royal Plaza.

Al-Abat for buying Abayas in Qatar

Al-Abat was founded in Qatar in 2007. This brand offers distinctive and high-quality designs with high craftsmanship, Stylish models and conservation at the same time to get Abayas in Doha. Jalabiyat is decorated with embroidery that gives it a special chandelier, which distinguishes it from other abayas in Doha. For fabrics, raw silk, and crepe are used. We advise you to buy the latest designs on the label’s website, ( or visit its Instagram page, (al-abat@) to find its stores to buy abayas in Doha.

Banafsaj Abayas to Get Abayat in Qatar

Banafsaj is a brand you can surly get Abayat in Doha that is suitable for Arab women. Their designs have a lot of sophistication and luxury, as well as embroidery and glamorous granules, and also come in two different fabrics. It has a lot of branches even outside of Qatar, but its best customers are in Doha. Visit her Instagram page and follow all her releases on the banafsaj_abayas account to get Abayat in Doha.

Laura Abayas to buy Abayas in Qatar

Laura is a leading place to get Abayas in Qatar in the abaya industry, launched in 2006 with a range of global design and implementation experiences, combining precision, art, and authenticity. Laura is a name with origins in Latin that is often used in Italian and symbolizes decency. In Arabic, it means female beauty and sophistication, as symbolized by many poets and writers. Since its founding, Laura has been keen to offer the best to Arab women in her own way by designing the most beautiful and prestigious abaya in Doha that befits the modern lady, enabling her to participate in the International Fashion Week in Paris for 2020. Therefore, we chose her brand to be one of the best places to get Abayas in Doha. Follow the latest releases on the Laura Doha brand website at ( or on its Instagram page, or you can visit her stores in Doha.

Anaconda Abayat Store to Get Abayat in Qatar

Abayas, the traditional attire worn by Muslim women, can be purchased at Anaconda Abayat, a clothing store in Doha. It is a well-known location for both locals and tourists, offering a broad selection of stunning, fashionable, high-quality, and reasonably priced abayas for all types of women. In addition, they offer custom-made abayas to women who are unable to find the ideal fit through the store’s on-site, experienced tailors.

At the Anaconda Abayat store, you can buy one of the best fashionable Abayas in Qatar  for chic Arab ladies in a wide range of colors, from plain blacks to solid shades of grey, blue, and navy. Its employees are among the best since they are helpful and constantly available to assist customers in finding the ideal Abayas in Qatar for them.

Other Places to buy Abayat in Qatar

Abayas can be found in most malls in Qatar. If you’re looking for a specific brand, it’s best to shop online first and then visit the mall to see if they have the abaya in your size. Abayas in Qatar are a very common item, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a store that sells them in malls, souks, or even online. Although Abayas in Qatar are not rare to find, today we would like to make sure that you find the best quality by giving you the top places to get Abayas in Qatar. Carrefour, The Walk, Souq Waqif, and Al Ansar.

If you’re looking for the most authentic abaya you can find, the best place to go is the Souq Waqif. This is a traditional market in Doha where you can have the best Qatari dishes and then continue to find many authentic Qatari products, where you can find popular abaya brands such as Al Ansar Al Maylool Gharad Gharib Abaya Factory. If you do not want to go to these places, there is also an abaya shop at the airport that you can visit if you’d like to purchase one before you leave Qatar. If you’d prefer to purchase an abaya online, then we recommend trying out The Abaya Shop or Eshpals. These two websites offer a variety of abayas at reasonable prices. All of these makers  have a variety of stores that have brands and styles of Abayas in Qatar for both men and women.

Tips on Buying Abayas from the Top 6 Places to Get Abayas in Qatar

Abayas are designed to cover the entire body and be long enough to cover the feet, so it’s important to consider these things before purchasing Abayas in Qatar.

  • The Fabric of the Abayas in Qatar

As all other Abayas that are made in different countries, Abayas in Qatar are made from different types of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics. Depending on the season, you may want to purchase a material that helps keep you warm or cool.

  • The Design of the Abayas in Qatar

When purchasing an abaya, you may also want to look for designs that can be easily paired with other pieces in your wardrobe. In addition, consider the sleeve design; are they short? Are they tall enough to disturb your movement? These questions can help determine if you like abayas or not. We advise you to also consider the length of the abaya to make sure it is not very long.

  • The Price of the Abaya in Qatar

As abayas are made of different colors and fabrics, their cost will vary depending on the brand and quality you choose. Like any clothing, it has different prices. However, the cost of  Abayas in Qatar ranges from QAR 60 to QAR 1000. so make sure the traders do not fool you.

In Conclusion

Abayas are something that every woman should have in her wardrobe. They are classic piece that goes with almost any outfit, they are fashionable, and they are also very easy to clean. If you’re looking to buy the best Abayas in Qatar, then be sure to keep this list of the top 6 places to get Abayas in Qatar so you can save time and money. You can also find abayas online, which is a great option for those who aren’t in Qatar or don’t have the time to go shopping. Abayas are a modest purchase that is meant to last a very long time, so it’s important to buy one that is worth your money.