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Tanweir is a company managed by a team of professional translators and linguists. they amazingly offer various services such as translation, subtitling, proofreading and writing. We have been around for some years and have worked with different people, both individual and companies.


Subtitling from English to Arabic and Vice Versa

If your aim is to subtitle your video or movie from English to Arabic or vice versa, then you’re in the right place.  subtitling requires the service of a native and dedicated individual who understands both languages Just like translating from one language to another.

If you have an English clip or movie and you want people in 22 Arab countries to understand the message you’re passing across, we will be the ideal choice.

Easy on your wallet

Depending on the content of your video, our subtitling rate of 60 seconds video from English to Arabic is starting at $3.

The cost of subtitling from Arabic to English is slightly different due to the technicality of the system. However, we are tweaking our pricing.

Despite the quality of services we render, we are very considerate with our pricing system. The minimum rate for subtitling from Arabic to English for approximately 60 seconds of a video is is $3. The condition for subtitling as well as the content remains the same.

get our services before everybody else

Unlike the quality of service you’re getting from people who depend on software for their service, we can assure you that what we provide is 100% genuine and accurate. We place value on each work and deliver beyond expectations. As a reminder, we provide accurate subtitling, which means that your video will convey the same ideas and meanings.

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