ترجمة المنح

Special offers for students, writers, bloggers and website owners


It is not only that we offer high quality translation services, but our translation services are also at ridiculously low prices. first of all, our rates for English Arabic translation start from $0.03 per word. Beside that, if you want us to translate Arabic into English, you will be charged $0.08 per word (prices may be higher depending on the complicity of the texts).



Special Translation Offers for three categories


never overpay again!

We offer discounts reach to 30% for students and 40% for blogs and websites translation.

in addition, we offer a discount reach to 50% for books and novels translation and even more.


we guarantee everything

Hence, these translation special offers are essentially for translation from Arabic into English or vice versa. Our seasoned and highly trained native translators will always ensure that you get the best, therefore you have to act now!

Common, this is the cheapest and the best translation service you can get anywhere. If you think we are not as standard as we claim, why not try us out to confirm!

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