Our translation services are not restricted to printed materials; we offer also accurate and timely translation of audio and video files. We can produce subtitles for reports, documents, presentations, acadimic videos and so on.

We assign at least three native speakers for each audio or video file translation project. If the file is related to a certain specialist area such as medical, legal, marketing or technical field, We will choose the translators who have in-depth knowledge of the relevant terms. They will be professional and specalized in their own field.So, rest assured, we are not in the habit of making our own clients blue, you will inevitably be satisfied with our services.

Fiction- Translation is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks for every translator. It is very different from other types of translations. So, it can be mastered only by qualified, professional and specialized translators.

If you are looking for someone to translate your fiction book, you are where you need to be. Whether it is novel, story, play, or poem.

r Writers make national literature, while translators make universal literature.” José Saramago. This is the most accurate statement I have read recently. You would say why!! I will answer you, the writer is just a writer, while the literary translator has to be a translator and a writer at the same time.

Why us?
Our team has all the skills that every literary translator must have:
1. They have extensive knowledge of various subjects.
2. They are good readers
3. They are familiar with different cultures.
4. They have creativity and talent.
5. They have great skills in both target and source languages.
6. They consider the aesthetic aspects of the text.
7. They are familiar with grammatical rules.
8. They preserve the original style/ tone.

Professional translation service is one of the key factors of globalization, not only because it makes people from other regions understand what you say or write, but because it strengthens the relationship between countries, cities, and business partners. While many people struggle to become known globally, language barrier, such as communication between English man and Arabian man has put a lot of restrictions on them and their dreams just die down in their region alone.

Language barriers are not only affecting international relation, but they also affect communities within the same state or country.


Have you been having problems translating English to Arabic and vice versa? Have you been searching for a long time for good translators? You are not alone. Many people have the same problem and some even hire an unscrupulous translator who in return deliver garbage.

Well, the story is over! Here comes the certified and experienced English to Arabic translators who have devoted their time for translation services since the period of eons. We are happy to inform you that our English to Arabic and vice versa translation are done mainly by skilled native translators who work both locally and internationally.

What makes us the choice of hundreds of people is the trust and the professionalism we maintained.

We are not the selfish translators whose aim is to exploit money from you and deliver poor service. We work passionately and deliver 100 percent quality. That’s not all, if at all you have an issue with our work, we would be glad to refund you without wasting your time.

What else do you need to translate between English and Arabic? Actually, nothing than to contact us. We would be glad to give you the quality translation you deserve.


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Special offers for students, writers, bloggers and website owners


It is not only that we offer high quality translation services, but our translation services are also at ridiculously low prices. first of all, our rates for English Arabic translation start from $0.03 per word. Beside that, if you want us to translate Arabic into English, you will be charged $0.08 per word (prices may be higher depending on the complicity of the texts).



Special Translation Offers for three categories


never overpay again!

We offer discounts reach to 30% for students and 40% for blogs and websites translation.

in addition, we offer a discount reach to 50% for books and novels translation and even more.


we guarantee everything

Hence, these translation special offers are essentially for translation from Arabic into English or vice versa. Our seasoned and highly trained native translators will always ensure that you get the best, therefore you have to act now!

Common, this is the cheapest and the best translation service you can get anywhere. If you think we are not as standard as we claim, why not try us out to confirm!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!



About us

Tanweir is a company managed by a team of professional translators and linguists. they amazingly offer various services such as translation, subtitling, proofreading and writing. We have been around for some years and have worked with different people, both individual and companies.


Subtitling from English to Arabic and Vice Versa

If your aim is to subtitle your video or movie from English to Arabic or vice versa, then you’re in the right place.  subtitling requires the service of a native and dedicated individual who understands both languages Just like translating from one language to another.

If you have an English clip or movie and you want people in 22 Arab countries to understand the message you’re passing across, we will be the ideal choice.

Easy on your wallet

Depending on the content of your video, our subtitling rate of 60 seconds video from English to Arabic is starting at $3.

The cost of subtitling from Arabic to English is slightly different due to the technicality of the system. However, we are tweaking our pricing.

Despite the quality of services we render, we are very considerate with our pricing system. The minimum rate for subtitling from Arabic to English for approximately 60 seconds of a video is is $3. The condition for subtitling as well as the content remains the same.

get our services before everybody else

Unlike the quality of service you’re getting from people who depend on software for their service, we can assure you that what we provide is 100% genuine and accurate. We place value on each work and deliver beyond expectations. As a reminder, we provide accurate subtitling, which means that your video will convey the same ideas and meanings.

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If you have an application that is in English, you may want to consider translating it into Arabic. Translating your app into Arabic will always attract more people to use your app. It would be interesting if you know that 500 million people speak Arabic in the Middle-East. Now, if translating your website into Arabic will attract 1% of these people to your app, then think of 5 million people using your app. My friend, with this, you are already successful.

Also, translating your app into Arabic will make people have confidence in your app because they will be able to understand the content of your app perfectly.




We understand that automatic translation is not always the best as it does not perfectly translate one language into another. This is why we have assembled well-skilled native translators to handle all our translations. We always put our customers first, that is why we will never disappoint you. In order not to disappoint you, we make use of highly trained native translators. So, you can entrust your translation job into our care without any fear. To tell you what, all our translation services come at cheap and affordable prices.

We also have a money back guarantee- that is, if you are not satisfied with our translation service, we will refund. With all these assurances, you have every reason to believe in us and we promise not to let you down. Surely, you will be convinced by our service




Translation and voice over are two important things that can enhance your business performance. Recent studies show that the demand for translation and voice over services are on the increase due to the fact that people see a positive return. It’s obvious that video helps to increase sales.

Our translation and voice over services will help you get the best from whatever you offer. We would professionally record a clear and audible native voice for your service, which will boost your sales.

We do provide voice-overs in English and Arabic, depending on your request. Additionally, we can provide voice-overs in both male and female voices. If what you want is a clear teenage voice that will grab peoples’ attention, then we can help you with it.

Tanweir is a team of experts who specialize in various areas such as video subtitling, translation and voice-overs, and so on. Our translation service is done by professional translators who work all their life doing what they know best (translation). Our team comprises of native translators who have strong editing and translating skills.

If you are looking for the cheapest translation and voice over service starting from $8 per min (depend on the content and the recording type), then you are in the right place to get it.

We also have a special package for big projects, which means that you’d get a discount on any projects that exceed basic services.

Each customer is special to us, so we invest tangible time on all our projects and ensure we deliver beyond expectations. On no condition would we delay work beyond the delivery period. Trust us, you are going to get the best translation service from us.

Why we are different is because we deliver exactly as promised. We also take customers seriously and try as much as possible to deliver projects at the fastest time.

Websites Translation Services

If you are looking for a good translator or translation company to translate your website into another language then you are at the right place!

We offer high-quality website translation and localization services in most of the world languages. We are a well-known company in the Middle East for our professionality and dedication. 

You will be assured of the translation accuracy as we are committed to the standards of ISO 7100/2015 for translation services providers

  • Native & Professional Translators

    100 % human translation

  • Reliability and Accuracy

    We study your website and your target audience to get you the best

  • Affordable

    contact us to know how cheap our services are!

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