bylaws translation

Bylaws translation needs accuracy and punctuality. It is important for growing your business. You might face legal issues if the translation of your bylaws and regulation were not accurate and correct.

In general, bylaws (or by-laws) are “are the rules of a corporation, established by the board of directors during the process of starting a corporation”. These rules and regulations aim at organizing the work of a company or corporation.

When does a company need to translate its bylaws?

  • When the company opens new branches in foreign countries.
  • Once the company exports products into foreign countries.
  • When the company starts a business with other companies in foreign countries.
  • In some legal cases.

Where can the company find a professional translator?

Finding a translator online can be a very easy task. It saves you time and money. You can find a professional translator or translation agency.

How to get a professional bylaws translation?

It is a good idea to contact a well-known translation company that offers high-quality and guaranteed translation services. We, at Tanweir, make it easy for you to reach your goal. We have professional, native and experienced translators in most of the eastern and western languages. You only need to contact us.

How does it work?

1- Contact us and provide a detailed description of your contract.
2- Get a detailed quote.
3- you don’t need to pay in advance!
4- After getting your work, we give you three days to process the payment.
5- if the deadline or work quality were not maintained, you would be completely refunded!

Features of hiring us

  • 1- ISO 17100/2015
    2- The price includes translation, review and proofreading.
    3- Fast response and communication.
    4- Money-back guarantee (if our work doesn’t meet your needs, you would be completely refunded).
    5- Flexible payment methods: Visa card, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer.

All that you need now is to contact us!

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