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7 Simple Steps to be a Successful Translator

1. First and foremost is that you must master your mother tongue. In my view, the key to the magic proficiency of any language is by extensive reading. 2. Then, you need to master the target language. It is not that hard! You just need to master the language skills. Read, Write, Listen and speak intensively. […]

General Guidelines

Translation Read the text carefully and make sure you understand it. Try to read similar texts in the target language before translating. Make sure you refer to the glossary provided by your Project Manager, if any.  Translate the text by transferring the ideas into Arabic. Use the terminology that is used in the English text. […]


Professional translation service is one of the key factors of globalization, not only because it makes people from other regions understand what you say or write, but because it strengthens the relationship between countries, cities, and business partners. While many people struggle to become known globally, language barrier, such as communication between English man and […]


Special offers for students, writers, bloggers and website owners   It is not only that we offer high quality translation services, but our translation services are also at ridiculously low prices. first of all, our rates for English Arabic translation start from $0.03 per word. Beside that, if you want us to translate Arabic into English, you […]

Subtitling from English to Arabic and Vice Versa

About us Tanweir is a company managed by a team of professional translators and linguists. they amazingly offer various services such as translation, subtitling, proofreading and writing. We have been around for some years and have worked with different people, both individual and companies.   Subtitling from English to Arabic and Vice Versa If your aim […]


If you have an application that is in English, you may want to consider translating it into Arabic. Translating your app into Arabic will always attract more people to use your app. It would be interesting if you know that 500 million people speak Arabic in the Middle-East. Now, if translating your website into Arabic […]

English & Arabic Translation and Voice Over Services

Translation and voice over are two important things that can enhance your business performance. Recent studies show that the demand for translation and voice over services are on the increase due to the fact that people see a positive return. It’s obvious that video helps to increase sales. Our translation and voice over services will […]