Translation and voice over are two important things that can enhance your business performance. Recent studies show that the demand for translation and voice over services are on the increase due to the fact that people see a positive return. It’s obvious that video helps to increase sales.

Our translation and voice over services will help you get the best from whatever you offer. We would professionally record a clear and audible native voice for your service, which will boost your sales.

We do provide voice-overs in English and Arabic, depending on your request. Additionally, we can provide voice-overs in both male and female voices. If what you want is a clear teenage voice that will grab peoples’ attention, then we can help you with it.

Tanweir is a team of experts who specialize in various areas such as video subtitling, translation and voice-overs, and so on. Our translation service is done by professional translators who work all their life doing what they know best (translation). Our team comprises of native translators who have strong editing and translating skills.

If you are looking for the cheapest translation and voice over service starting from $8 per min (depend on the content and the recording type), then you are in the right place to get it.

We also have a special package for big projects, which means that you’d get a discount on any projects that exceed basic services.

Each customer is special to us, so we invest tangible time on all our projects and ensure we deliver beyond expectations. On no condition would we delay work beyond the delivery period. Trust us, you are going to get the best translation service from us.

Why we are different is because we deliver exactly as promised. We also take customers seriously and try as much as possible to deliver projects at the fastest time.

Would you like to get in touch with freelance translators instead? You can visit our website TranslatorsCity to post your project. You can get quote from freelance translators from all over the world. You can compare prices and qualifications, contact the freelancer directly and pay safely through the platform.