1. First and foremost is that you must master your mother tongue. In my view, the key to the magic proficiency of any language is by extensive reading.

2. Then, you need to master the target language. It is not that hard! You just need to master the language skills. Read, Write, Listen and speak intensively.

3. Make friends. Undoubtedly, Knowledge of the culture related to the target language is a must. So, if the language you translate into is English for instance, I advise you to have English friends. In such a way, your knowledge of their culture would be better and better, and thus, you would find the translation job easier.

4. Translate the idea, not the structure or the style. As you know, each language has its own different structures and styles.

5. Google the terms that you don’t know. Read, Read, Read until you get to the point! You need to search so well.

6. Proofreading and editing are important stages; they can turn out the quality of your text from bad into excellent.

7. Review your text. Check out the accuracy, smoothness, layout, and logic of the translated file. 8. It is important to be always on time. Remember that!

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