• Read the text carefully and make sure you understand it.
  • Try to read similar texts in the target language before translating.
  • Make sure you refer to the glossary provided by your Project Manager, if any. 
  • Translate the text by transferring the ideas into Arabic.
  • Use the terminology that is used in the English text. Make sure you use appropriate terminology in Arabic. 
  • Use formal/ academic language that is commonly used for educational purposes.
  • Make sure the translated text reads naturally and smoothly. 
  • Use appropriate punctuation.
  • Double check your translation. 
  • In the case you have any problem, contact your PM directly. 

Proofreading and review:

  • Please check the translated text against the source text. 
  • Run MS Grammar and Spelling Checker.
  • Review the target text and make sure that:
  1. the terms are used correctly.
  2. the language is natural and smooth. 
  3. no grammatical, spelling, typo or punctuation errors. 


  • Never use Google translation for translating sentences or paragraphs. Even if you post-edit the text.
  • Use the search on Wikipedia
  • Use Google Web and Youtube search
  • Use Almaany dictionary
  • Use any famous dictionary.


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